Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Yarn nightmare...

Once upon a time in a country far far away, there was a girl sitting with her crochet hook in one hand and a cupcake in the other. A homemade lowfat chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting that is. Putting the last square in place, ready for the final step of this project, the edge. Life couldn't be sweeter. 

Going around the corner, the last bit of the yarn of the grey wonderful wool slipped through her fingers. Time the get another bundle from her stash. Going through all the bundles of yarn, she searched and searched. There must be another grey ball.....right? Well, not a problem. She just went to the store to get some more.


Noooooooooooooo, the grey yarn is not in stores anymore! The horror, what a nightmare! So there we are, ending up with an almost finished tablecloth. So, now I have to improvise. I might just go on in the white color and maybe add a little of the pink. Or maybe a totally different color. Do you lovelies have any suggestions? 

Did it happen to you before, running out of yarn? I feel so stupid for not buying more in the beginning of the project! It is rather cheap yarn, so why oh why didn't I?!

Oh well, at least the sun is finally shining here in the rainy Holland and I already found another stunning pattern for a vintage project I will soon share with you. 

Lots of love,



  1. Ok don't panic! Have you tried the internet - ebay's always a good start. I ran out of a yarn that was discontinued last year but ebay pulled through for me!

    Failing that you could do some uk double or trebles (US sc / dc) around the edge in white and pink like you suggested, I think that would still look nice :-)

  2. Aahw! Wat rot!
    Kunnen ze het niet na bestellen? Of opvragen uit een ander filiaal? Bestellen via internet?
    Of anders een roze randje. Of wit. Of roze met wit. Of gewoon een hele andere kleur? Turkoise. Paars. Groen?
    Het is wel super mooi al :) Summer garden granny square?
    Geniet van het mooie weer, die paar daagjes deze "zomer"!

  3. Crochet with Raymond17 August 2011 at 11:58

    Oh no! It is such a beautiful piece of granny happiness too! I think it will look lovely edged in the red and white stripes maybe? Whatever you do it will look lovely, problems like this can create wonderful results when we have to do something different!
    Love ALice and Raymond XXX

  4. leuke blog heb je! ik ben een volger :-)

  5. welke wol is het, misschien kan iemand je er wel aan helpen ;-)

  6. Hi Nadiake! Leuk dat je even langs komt wippen, welkom :-).

    Het is de donker grijzen wol van de Wibra, Saskia. Ik heb wel al menig gewone grijze wol gezien, maar niet die donkere. Ik denk dat ik gewoon over ga op wit en roze, word vast ook leuk.


  7. I think if you cant get anymore of the same stuff, that you do a pretty border with the pink and white..it would still look amazing...


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