Friday, 12 August 2011

Hairy sewing project

Hello lovelies,

After a period of silence here in the city I return to you with a sewing project. My sewing machine was starting to collect dust and thus it was time to start using it again! And what better than a project with a purpose, namely keeping the doggy of the couch by making a dog pillow he could not resist!

 Every time he snuggles on the couch dreaming of other dogs and treats, leaving a huge amount of spiky hairs on the creamy sofa. Mostly when Mr. L. and I are not around and when we return, he looks at us with the biggest puppy eyes trying to say: “It wasn’t me” . Puck gave those exact same eyes when I put the pillow on the ground and he instantly claimed it. “Ooooh please master, can I please have it?”

 Well, I guess he likes it pretty bad haha. And the best thing is that I made it from left over fabric with little stars and some felt and wool for embroidery. It didn’t cost a dime. If you also have a dog claiming the couch here some directions of how to make it:

  1. Get two pieces of fabric
  2. Cut two pieces of 80 x 60 cm's, these will be the top and the bottom of the pillow.
  3. Cut two pieces of 60 x 20 cm's and two pieces of 80 x 20 cm's in the other colour fabric.
  4. Put the embroidery on the top. In my case I did my dog's name in cross stitches and a felt bone filled with a little stuffing. 
  5. First pin and sew all the sides to the top of the pillow.
  6. Now pin and sew all the sides together to form some kind of container. 
  7. Pin the bottom of the pillow and sew all the sides except for one. 
  8. Turn the pillow inside out.
  9. Fill the pillow with what ever stuffing you like. Mine is filled with polyester stuffing. 
  10. Close the pillow, you can also add a zipper but I choose not to.

As you can see, I used a embroidery hoop. I found it very helpful. I also ironed the fabric before using it. I think it turned out a bit messy in the corners (they don't precisely line up), but fortunately Puck couldn't care less. 

Have a nice weekend, lots of love from Puck and me.



  1. Wat een leukerd! Zowel het kussen als Puck!
    Wij hebben zelf een Puk (jack russeltje)

    Leuk dat je voor Sibol iets wilt maken.
    Meld je dan wel aan bij Sue, als je vragen hebt stel ze ook aan haar. Kan allemaal via haar blog.


  2. Leuk zijn ze he? Puck is ook een deel Jack Russel gekruist met een tekkel.

    Ik zal Sue wel even mailen via haar blog :-), goede tip!

  3. He looks so happy with his new cushion, bless him. I hope the novelty has not worn off and it still makes him so happy :)


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