Thursday, 3 May 2012

Running wild

April has been such a great month. It started off with Easter and not long after preparations were made for blogweek. It was my first time joining blogweek and I enjoyed every minute of it, even though I didn't participate in the last two topics. I just didn't have any interesting things to share anymore and one shouldn't blog with an empty mind.

I got so many wonderful compliments about my yarny hair day picture and I discovered that it has been nominated and you can now vote for it if you want that picture to win! I feel so honored and I want to thank you all for nominating me. You can vote on the pictures that are nominated here.

Last Monday I got these gorgeous flowers:

Last Monday was a national holiday here in Holland, Koninginnedag (= Queensday). We celebrate the queen's birthday with lots of activities, music and everybody dresses in orange. 

A tradition in the village were I grew up is the 'ronde van Katwijk' (= the lap of Katwijk), which means running 6 kilometers as quick as you can. 

This picture was taken just after the finish, boy I was tired. I trained for the event and for the first time in my life I took part in the event. It was amazing! I never really cared for sports or for events like this, but I will definitely participate again next year. The feeling you get once you cross the finish line is indescribable. Want to see me run? 

I know, I know, it isn't top speed haha. But it was a personal achievement. 

Do you sport once in a while? 


PS: I'll update you all soon on more crafty matters ;-)


  1. Wat 'n lekker tradisie! Well done.
    (Lanklaas wat ek so ver gehardloop het :-)

  2. Congrats on finishing the event! That is such a great achievement. Also, those flowers are so beautiful!

  3. Voted for you! I thought your photo was brilliant! Congrats on finishing the event, what lovely flowers. Laura x (

  4. Wow,I could never run 6 kilometers, I guess not even 1. Congratulations!! Well done! I love your yarny hair day picture, it´s brilliant! I will go and vote for you now.
    Have a great day! Barbina

  5. Many congratulations both on the finished run and on the photo nomination!

  6. Congrats on the nomination and the run! I ran a 5K last weekend and shaved 3 minutes off of last year's time, so it felt amazing to finish! I'm certainly not a very fast runner, though, haha. It does feel really good just to finish, doesn't it?

  7. i voted for your pic, i love that picture!
    well done on the nomination and congrats on your run.


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