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A (2nd) Year of Projects: change of heart

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I've seen A year of project posts all over my favorite blogs the past year and I always wanted to join the fun but I somehow never did. All was new for me in blogland back then, so I guess my attention was drawn my too many things.

This year however, I will definitely join. I started this blog with some crochet love, but after seeing the Beekeeper's quilt I knew I had to start knitting. That was when things changed.

I have had a big change of heart the past year and this will be my theme for A 2nd Year of Projects.

Warm feet
I was all about crochet, knitting was complicated for me. When pattern browsing on Ravelry, I only looked at crochet patterns. One of my first projects were baby booties.

Cute as they are, I now discovered the knitted booties and they are all too cute. So, first up the list is to make a knitted version of baby booties and I found just the pattern:

© picture by Wileycomma

Next to these tiny little booties, I also still need to make my first real pair of socks. A year ago I would never wanted to make socks, they didn't appeal to me at all. But now I can't wait to have my first grown pair finished.

Maybe this pattern will do:

© Erica Lueder

Sweater fest
I also never wanted to make wearable things, I thought I would never be able to make something that would really look good on me. The past year I've made a couple of accessories but not a something like a sweater or jumper. So I bought myself a pattern book with lots of sweaters to knit and I also have a hoodie pattern from Tiny Owl Knits so I have 2 on the list:

© Tiny Owl Knits

© tanusik

Doggy love
I really want to make a little dog sweater, but it is far to warm now for our little furry friend to wear something wooly. So I'll remind myself in autumn to make something for Puck by putting this pattern on the list:

Shall I Shawl? 
What is the magic about shawls and scarfs? I never understood, until recently. I'm not sure what it was that changed my mind about making shawls, probably all the gorgeous ones that I saw on other blogs. So a shawl is on the list to. Maybe on of these three:

©  Martina Behm

© Veera

© Veera
Bead it!

Something I've wanted to try for a while now, adding beads to knitting. I think it looks stunning. For example take this pattern:

Christmas knitting
Since this is a year list, there should be some Christmas knitting. I tried to make them last year, but it didn't work out. Better luck this year on these cute Christmas balls:

© Yarnjungle
A great way to learn some fair isle knitting and I also might add some beads to them. 

It's magic
It is also time for some new techniques like illusion knitting. I've seen many gorgeous patterns and I want to try this scarf:

Looks like a normal stripy scarf this way, but when you look at it from a different perspective it looks like this:

Well, those are the patterns that are on the list. Yes, I know. These are not the most original choices, many of you already knit these patterns. But this way you can support me ;-). 

Can't wait to see everybody else's list! 

xxx Suzanne


  1. Suzanne, I am so happy you are joining in this year - it'll be great! You've chosen some gorgeous patterns and I love that illusion scarf - I've never seen that pattern before. Can't wait to see your progress xxx

  2. I love the christmas balls! I have some fingering weight yarn in green and red on my list that needs a pattern, I'm very tempted to make Christmas decorations with it now!

  3. Fantastic choices, I might have to add a few of those onto my list!! Stunning, can't wait to pop back and see your progress

  4. Welcome! You'll have loads of fun. What a cool group of patterns!

  5. Welcome Suzanne to the group and I hope you enjoy your year hear. I love your list and the patterns, I to have those Hermione Everyday socks on my list, but thats just beacuse I'm completely cuckoo about all things Harry Potter. I love your choice of shwals and those Christmas balls looks so cute.

  6. I LOVE your list - some wonderful things and I'll be following your progress throughout the year. I think that hooded doggy coat is just way too cute !! Welcome aboard the YoP and good luck with your great list. xoxox

  7. What a great post, you have some really lovely things lined up for the following year. I particularly like the socks.

  8. Wonderful list and welcome. I'm knitting Colour Affection right now too. i love it :)

  9. Gorgeous list, I love the Leftie Shawl, that's definitely going in my Ravelry queue!

  10. What a lovely list, I'm off to check out those great Christmas Balls. X

  11. A wonderful list with some wonderful projects, I'm looking forward to seeing them all especially the booties.

  12. So many amazing projects! I'm very excited to follow your progress for each and every one of them!

  13. Fantistic list of projects, none of which I've seen on blogs. The lefty shawl and beaded cowl are particularly beautiful. I'm going to check out the knitted booties, as a friend of mine has just had a baby. Perfect!

  14. I think those are extremely well-thought out choices - lots of variety, some new techniques, some tried and true patterns and everything matched up with someone in mind. Well done! Can't wait to see how you do!

  15. fabulous list and i love that you had all the photos on here! i wish i could help you choose a shawl pattern, but i find all three of them lovely! good luck!

  16. That's a fantastic list, and wow - I had never heard of illusion knitting before, that scarf is spectacular! Have fun! :-) x

  17. I started the last year of projects and I could only crochet - now I almost exclusively knit, lol. I'm still not attracted by socks, but I love shawls! Welcome to the gang, lol

  18. Wow, what a list. The scarf kinda gives me the willies....looks scarey for Halloween, but very interesting. Haven't seen anything like that before. Love the Christmas Balls, very pretty. I did a tiny tiny bit of fair isle once on my knitting machine...made hubby a hat. But, never tried it by hand. Love the beaded cowl, very pretty. Best of luck as we embark on this mission of year 2.

  19. Hi, this is my first year for YOP also and I had to come over and see your list. Great projects! You are very inspiring and brave! LOL! I dropped a couple things off my list that I thought were beyond my capabilities right now. Maybe next year. I'm a novice knitter and just took up crochet again after many years of not crocheting.
    I'm like you about the shawls and scarves but I am getting older (Ha! I AM old who am I kidding!LOL!) so I'm thinking a shawl or scarf might look nicer than the old turtle neck standby.
    I have to go order yarn now too...and oh what a job that is...tee hee! NOT!!!! Nothing I love more than shopping for yarn! Have a great week!

  20. fair isle is on my wishlist to learn. I might just try out the ornaments you have, if i get there. Your list is beautiful. I love the blue booties.

  21. I LOVE this list, and your whole 'change of heart' philosophy that sits behind it. Leftie is new to me - no idea how I missed it - so I've just added it to my ever growing Rav queue. Happy knitting :D

  22. Well I think you have a very original list and even if some of us have knit these patterns, each one is original and different in its own way. So glad to have found your blog through our group!


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