Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One a day: Somewhere over the rainbow...

At the beginning of my hexipuff journey, I'd never thought I would last. Of course I had to join the crowd in making these little hexies, but they would probably end up as a pillow and nothing more. 

Then more hexies were made and I started asking myself what my goal was. Lots of knitters asked me the same thing; what I was making with these cute little squishe thingies? I had more than enough for a pillow so I wanted to make something bigger, so I got this idea:

A mini quilt so I can sit in the window! Wouldn't that be awesome?

But then I realized something....

This is a pretty cute idea, but....

.....I already have enough for hexies for this idea and I'm not ready to give up knitting them! 

Look at all the colours...

There is no way I am calling this a FO yet! It will turn in a gorgeous quilt of at least 400 hexies! Yep, you are going to see them some more. I am so in love with this project, and it is perfect for summer knitting. No big bulky project on your lap, just your tiny DPN's and a little skein of sock yarn. 

Speaking of sock yarn...

I dyed another miniskein after being inspired by this post at Pumpkin spins, rainbow style. I don't know why I never did, it turned out very cute and bright. I can't wait to knit it into a hexie. 

Hop on over to Carole's place for more One a day projects. 


  1. Love your mini skein! I love the idea of the puffs but not keen on all the sewing up at the end. Think I might have to come up with a way of knitting them together or finding someone to sew them up for me

  2. Wooow wat ziet dat er ontzettend gezellig uit zeg, die vensterbank!! Ben benieuwd hoe de puffs uit gaan breiden, leuk hoor :D

  3. Your puffs are so beautiful together! I've started to get the hang of knitting more, I'm thinking a lot about starting some hexipuffs since my crochet ones never did work out

  4. your mini skin is so cute, and those lil hexi puffs look so cute on the window like that, i look forward to them being finished.

  5. Your hexi puffs look amazing there on the window, but I can understand that you don´t want to stop working on them. They are to cute! I love your rainbow yarn, I can´t wait to see a rainbow hexi!

  6. Oh wow, those would make such a wonderful window seat cushion! That is such an amazing idea! Maybe you can tackle one of those if you still feel like it after you finish your rainbowy quilt! I'm in love with your little rainbow skein! I'm so glad that you were inspired to dye again, because that is so amazingly beautiful (and will make many cute little rainbowy hexipuffs too!), you definitely need to dye more. Thank you so much for the shout out!

  7. You are amazing! I could never knit so many hexipuffs. The monotony would kill me. LOL I absolutely love the window seat look though. You should keep it for that and just make another quilt or some cushions with the extras.

  8. DIt lyk supermooi daar in die vensterbank :-)

  9. Hey I LOVE that idea, my mum has a window seat, these little hexipuffs would be perfect for it ... oh no, another thing to add to my ever growing yarn to-do list!!

  10. What a cute idea! Great view, too.

  11. Ooh waarom? Hij is juist helemaal geweldig daar op je vensterbank!
    Echt hoor!
    En dat mooie witte hartje heb ik ook!
    In het rood voor mijn raam op mijn slaapkamer, en in het mintgroen buiten aan de muur :)
    Fijn weekend! xx

  12. I think you should make a window seat quilt AND a bigger one too. I so wish I could make puffs!

  13. Ohhhh, those hexies look wonderful laid out on your window. You should definitely make both!

  14. If ever you wish to swap some yarn for your hexis, let me know! I have a big bag o' sock yarn ends ready and waiting. My Epic Blanket of Insanity can always use some new colors!


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