Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Catching up...

15 July was my last post

For more than a month you haven't heard of me. 

But I think you all figured it out, didn't you? 

We made a little trip...

...It even included some knitting on the go... 

...And some amazing views. 

Enjoying the clear gentle sea...

...Some refreshing beverages....

...Some delicious food...

We even made some new friends...

I had a wonderful time in Croatia but of course I missed out on all the fun in blogland. So I'll try to catch up with you all via the One-a-day post on the Gingerbread girl blog. Because I took some yarn with me and got some hexies done. It wasn't much, but at least I was able to do some. Can't wait to get my needles clicking again! 

Lot's of love,



  1. Your hols looked wonderful, the sea and sky...wow! Glad you had such a nice time and that you managed to get some knitting done too!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time, your photographs are stunning. It's great you managed to get some puffs done too!

  3. Your holiday looks wonderful - beautiful photos as always and YAY for you managing to get some knitting done too :)

    Lovely to have you back

  4. It looks like you had a fabulous holiday, amazing views. I'm loving those little hexi's, gorgeous colours. Deb xxx

  5. I love the little hexapuffs, and your photography skills are amazing! Teach me your ways!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time away. It's always nice to get some knitting done whilst away.

  7. Ohh lovely hexies! I hope you enjoyed your holiday, Croatia looks lovely and your photos do too. That little lizard is so cute :D

  8. Ik miste je al!
    Mooie foto's, fijn om te horen dat je een mooie vakantie hebt gehad.
    Gelukkig is het in Nederland inmiddels wat minder warm...toch?
    Ik begin na het weer van afgelopen tijd bijna zin in de herfst te krijgen!
    Grote koppen thee, haken of lezen onder een dekentje, terwijl de regen tegen de ramen waait!
    Liefs! xx

  9. It looks like you had an amazing trip, I love all your pictures especially the one with the small lizard :)

    Your hexies are awesome!


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