Friday, 31 August 2012

Here comes the rain...

After posting some summer pictures full of sunshine the rain has come in Holland. 

It made me feel a bit sad, summer over already? No more chances to put on a lovely light summer dress and slippers, back to long sleeves and boots. 

But fortunately one of my dear friends stopped by yesterday and she was delighted to see the nights get longer and the temperatures dropping.

According to her, it's time to get cozy, visit friends, drink a hot cup of tea and eat lots of brownies. 

She is so right, it made me feel all ready for colder times. But my house isn't ready yet, so it is time to get this   crib autumn proof!

So I bought some scented candles, like this cinnamon one.

And I received the IKEA catalogue.

I'm a big fan of IKEA and around 80 % of the furniture we own is by IKEA. Not very unique, but it is perfect for a small apartment like ours. 

For me autumn is also the time to browse through all my pictures taken in summer to remember all those special moments. I take lots of pictures as do most bloggers, but they often stay digital. I thought it was time to make them tangible. 

So I made an album, which gets me to my Finished Object for this week. 

I crochet the cover...

...Lined with some fabric and a blanket stitch. 

I just made a piece of fabric big enough for the outside of the cover using the stitch from this pattern with some scrap cotton yarn. 

It felt so good to crochet again. I hope to do some more when I find the time to order some new yarn (new heart just skipped a beat). 

I still have to embellish the cover a bit, don't you think? Do you have any suggestions? 

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  1. My sister also loves autumn, when she can start being cosy and drinking warm cups of hot chocolate. I do like being cosy myself :)

    Your crochet cover looks beautiful, couldnt you crochet little hearts or flowers in pastel colours?

  2. Woah, I'm still waiting for my catalogue! They started announcing it's out here the day before yesterday. I love brousing to it so much, my friends keep making fun of me...
    Coming to think of it, wanting to make the home cosy in autumn might be just the reason it comes out at the end of august.

  3. Lovely album!
    I'm sommer jealous - love Ikea, but at this stage no chance of them coming to SA...if they only knew how many South Africans would buy there...

  4. That's such a cool idea, I love it! What a perfect way to preserve memories and showcase your craft!

  5. Great idea! Your album is beautiful inside and out!

  6. I too love autumn. It was decided chilly here this morning and for the past few days the geese have been flying overhead, so I think it's very imminent.

    I got my IKEA magazine a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Soooo many fun and practical ideas for the home.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I embrace autumn with open arms! I've been getting ready to have a whole bunch of summer pics printed up, too, and am so inspired by your beautiful photo album. Well done!

  8. We've had soooo much rain's so disappointing to think that's summer over, but then I love the dark nights and coziness too....and I love Christmas...I know, I 'm thinking about it already!

    Love your album, the stitch is gorgeous....I would leave it like it is, I like the simplicity.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Wonderful FO. It's getting cold here, I'm looking forward to wearing the shawls I've made over the summer :)

  10. Love you fo! Such a cute idea.

  11. Oh, Ikea catalogue.. I may or may not have squee'd when I fished it out of the mailbox last week.


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