Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sun is shining, weather is sweet...

Another day with so much to enjoy. The sun was peaking finally through the grey clouds, birds were singing again and I could smell these cute little pink roses and freshly cut grass *I luuuuv this smell*. It's amazing how nature finds her way in the concrete jungle of Rotterdam. That's what I like most, the little pleasures that can be found and since nature has to fight here, it feels even more like a treasure when you find something. 

But not all is well in the city centre. When I do my groceries or go to work, I always come across escalators. And to be honest, I am a bit phobic for these moving stairs. The scariest is the moment when you go on the escalator and off it. I'm paranoiac that something will stick in the moving horror. Luckily I didn't have shoelaces in my boots today! 

I survived, time to get that blanket done! 

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