Monday, 5 March 2012

Monthly Mosaic

Hi lovelies,

I have been slacking a bit on posting, it has been a wonderful week and weekend. Mr. L. had a week off and it is so lovely to be spending time together. Unfortunately the weather wasn't co-operating, so we didn't go outside a lot. 

We visited my mother and sister in law, the latter is mommy of a little one year old. I wish I could show you how cute he is, but I'm not fond of posting pictures of other people's children on the internet. 

We also visited my parents and since they live on the coast, a little trip to the beach couldn't miss. It was foggy, very foggy. You couldn't see what was at the other end of the beach. It had something magical to it. 

I didn't even post my monthly mosaic! So here it is, the February mosaic:

It has been a wonderful month. A lot of hexipuff madness, some romance and a few finish objects including bunting and a head wrap. February has been about frost, snow and ice, but March will be about spring and I can't wait to see her blossom. 

Thank you for stopping by! Check in tomorrow for some new hexipuffs :-D and a peek of my scarf in progress. 


  1. Lovely beach photo Suzanne! Looking forward to see what you;re eventually going to do with your hexipuffs.

    1. thank you! The hexipuffs are going to be a big old quilt if I can keep it up. If I don't enjoy making them anymore they will just turn into a pillow or two.

  2. What a wonderful month. I have to say I am the same in posting pictures of others.
    The beach looks so magical. I do love the little flowers you have hooked up.
    Take care


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