Tuesday, 28 February 2012

One a day 9: Hexipuffs around the world

Hexipuff count: 58

Yarn: too many to mention

Tuesday is always a bit about hexipuffs here at Crea in the City, but today it was all about hexipuffs. 

I made 6 puffs this week.

Made from soft dyed merino yarn and I have some hand dyed mini skeins on the needles:

But what makes this Tuesday so special is the little package found in the mail this morning, all the way from Stamford! I didn't expect any mail, so it was quite the surprise. 

Then it hit me, the Tiny Owl Knit Hexipuff around the world swap!!!! I participate in a hexipuff swap on Ravelry. The idea is that a package with 5 hexipuffs travels around the world. When you receive the package you take a number of hexipuffs and replace these with hexipuffs from your own stash. And so I had to choose some puffs....mmmm, it was a hard decision but I picked three:

I really like them and look at the little ducky! There was also a little bag of lavender, I couldn't just let it be and it had to be mine. Mmmm, lavender. This is going to fill a hexipuff for sure. I did find out my hexipuffs are pretty big, I might need to make some with less stuffing. 

Well, I'm off to pick/make some puffs of my own to put in the package!

PS: I'm not sure if there will be a post today, but on the older post on the Gingerbread Girl blog you can find some more blogs that participate in the One a day group. 


  1. Your hexipuffs look great, I really love the colours on the lighter ones.
    What a wonderful surprise to find in your post. That one with the duck is so clever!!

  2. Hello - I was doing the rounds at the Tuesday Tally. Can't wait to see it all together. Those hexagons must be all the rage!

  3. What a neat swap! Cool finds. I can't believe someone took the time to cross stitch that duckie.


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