Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Beautiful, isn't it? But it is not a sunset, it is a sunrise! Today I woke up early, at 05:00 AM to be exact. Mr. L. wanted to go to the beach to find a fishingspot and fishing involves alarm clocks ringing before the sun is up. I could have stayed in bed, but since I love the beach I joined Mr. L. in a short trip to "Hoek van Holland". The beach was deserted and there was nothing but the sounds of waves, birds and the rustling of the wind. *Sigh* I think you noticed by now that I am quite romantic haha.

This beach has a massive pier into the North Sea. When you walk all the way to the end of it, you get the feeling you are surrounded by nothing but water, wind and seagulls. 

I love how the waves remove all the footprints and there was no trace of us left when we left the beach. I found another treasure once we got back to the car . Teeny tiny frogs! Look how cute! They probably live in the dunes and just stopped by to say, hello.

And of course I also have a small crochet project I would like to share:

It's a pincushion and I really like it :-), let me know if you like it too! Do you have a nice pincushion?

Hope you had a great start of your day as well, lot's of love,



  1. Love the pincushion, I need to make one for myself. Guess I need to get some velvet! Love your seaside photos.. are those hooks in the rocks for tieing up boats? Teresa from Oregon USA

  2. Mooie foto's Suzanne! En wat een leuk speldenkussen.
    Ik heb er nog geen. Ik ga in augustus op heuse naailes, dus dan zal het er vast wel van komen er eentje te maken.
    Je foto's zijn geweldig. Die met je hondje is erg schattig! Is het nog een pup?
    Liefs van Diemie xx

  3. @ Tereas:Those rocks are put there to protect the short and the pier from the waves. Those hooks were used to lift and move them, a bit like a handle.

    @ Diemie: naailes! Tof! Puck is al weer 3 jaar oud maar hij blijft klein. Het is een kruising tussen een teckel en een jack russel.


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