Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pin it up!

Hi darlings,

Today we did some small jobs around the house. Mr. L. put up some lights above the diner table and I redesigned the cabinets to make more space for all my creative equipment * I clearly suffer from hoarding disease *. All the rooms got a good wipe and were shiny at the end of the day, unfortunately the weather is now far from shiny.  It is pouring again...and it is suppose to be summer! Ah well, couch-potato time! But before I crash on my sofa, let me share a little project I have been working on using my granny doilies:

I thought it was a nice way to re-use the doilies and an old pin-up board. What do you need?

  • A pin-up board
  • Some fabric, I used an old pillowcase
  • doilies
  • pins
  • batting (I used some that is used for quilting, but you can use anything you fancy)
  • some cards, photo's ribbon or anything else you like to pin on the board
Cut the batting to the size of the pin-up board.

Pull the pillowcase or fabric over the board and the batting.

Pin the pillowcase to the board and get the doilies on top. Make sure you also pin it to the board on the back of the board, this way it will be nice and tight.

Pin all your cards and pretty things to the board with normal or sewing pins and experiment a bit with what you like best. And voila, your vintage pin-up board is done!

Wishing you the best from Rotterdam! Big kiss from me and puck!


  1. Crochet with Raymond13 July 2011 at 07:26

    that is such a fantastic idea! So cozy and crafty I love it!

  2. Ooh wat mooi! Wat een goed idee!
    Misschien ga ik er ook nog wel eens voor :)
    En je hondje staat lekker te kwispelen!
    Thanks trouwens voor je berichtje voor het ronde kussen :) het was inderdaad de bedoeling om er een paars binnenkussen in te maken, maar dit was niet meer gelukt.
    Heb een fijn weekend!


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