Friday, 1 July 2011

Secret project revealed!

Just a quick post from the Sunny Rotterdam! Look at the blue of the sky! The weather is extremely changeable at the moment, sun, rain, clouds, sun, it all comes allong. You need to make sure you take your umbrella with you at all times.

Remember this post? I told you about a secret project I was working on. Well, it is finished! And just in time cause it's a B-day present for my mother-in-law. Her birthday is tomorrow and since I was so busy with my blanket, I had to hurry up and finish it. But I did it! She has been hinting me on wanting a cozy for her tea pot and now she will finally own it. She doesn't know that she is getting it though, so I hope she will be pleasantly surprised. Want to see it?

Tadaaaaaaa! It's a tea cozy made from granny squares! Isn't cute? I kinda like it! Since it's made with square parts I made the top with a pull rope so it would be round. To make it super cute I attached some hearts. The pattern from the squares are from the talented Lucy and can be found here.

On the back is a teany tiny button * unfortunately you cannot see it well on the picture *. 

Hope you like it and more important, that my mother in law likes it too! It is a present but I am thinking of making another for my own tea pot. It's still naked! Cover your shame potty! Haha. I wish you all a great weekend and talk to you soon :-D. Lots of love


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