Saturday, 9 July 2011

birdy Bookmark

Sometimes you just need a small project to work on in between bigger ones like blankets. I made a little birdy bookmark made with some yarn and a paperclip. Cute as a small gift or using to keep track when reading a book.

I designed it myself and thought it would be nice to write down the pattern in case I wanted to make another one. So, maybe you want to try it out yourself. Here is the pattern:

I made mine with Annell Rapido 100% acrylique yarn and used a 3.0 mm hook.

Part 1: The body and tail (make 2 of these):

  • Chain 4 and join to form a ring. Work now from the tiny hole that is now formed in the centre.
  • Chain 3 in the centre, then work 11 double crochet stitches (US) or 11 treble crochet stitches (UK) in the centre. Join with a slip stitch in the top of the chain 3. You now have 12 stitches.
  • Chain 3 then 1 dc  in the same stitch. Then work 2 dc’s in the next stitch and repeat this 10 times. You should now have 24 stitches.
  • The body of the bird is now done. Moving on to the tail. Chain 1 and Single crochet (us) in the same stitch. Then a dc in the next followed by a sc in the next. So you do 3 stitches, a sc, a dc, a sc. Chain 3 and turn your work.

  • Work a dc in the same stitch as the chain 3. Work 2 dc in the next stitch and repeat is one more time for  the next stitch.  Fasten off.

Part 2: The wings (also make 2 of these):
  • Moving on to the wings. Chain 4 and join to form a ring. 
  • Work in the hole the following stitches after each other: 3 sc, 2 dc, 1 triple crochet*, 2 dc, 3 sc, slip stitch and fasten off, leaving a long tail to sew the wing to the body. 

    * A triple crochet stitch is almost like a double crochet stitch but a bit taller. Check out this movie or the describtion on how to do it:
    1. Yarn over hook twice, then insert hook into next stitch.
    2. Yarn over hook and draw yarn through stitch - (there are four loops on the hook).
    3. Loop yarn over hook and draw through two loops, (there are now three loops remaining on the hook).
    4. Yarn over hook and draw through two loops.
    5. Again, loop yarn over hook and draw through the last two loops on the hook (there is now one loop remaining.)
    6. This completes one treble crochet.

      Part 3: Sewing it all together

      • You now have 2 bodies and two wings. Sew one wing on each body. You need to pay attention here, because you will have to mirror one body to the other one since they need to be put together in the end.
      • Sew with black thread an eye on each bird. 

      • Cut a little piece of orange felt for the beak and put it between the two parts. Sew them together and keep a little opening on the bottom. Now you can put some fiber filling in the bird and finally put the paperclip in place. Sew the rest of the bird to close it. 
      And that's it! Enjoy your little birdy bookmark!


      1. Sooooo cute! Love it so much!

      2. ridiculous! i must make this. such a clever idea, thank you for sharing!

      3. Thank you both! Hope it works out :-D

      4. Love it. I'm going to make a couple ASAP. :o)

      5. Hello Suzanne, thank you for sharing this simple yet wonderful pattern. The birdies are so cute and i've made a couple for my friends as christmas presents.

      6. Lovely pattern! Im making several for the Holiday exchange in my crochet/knitting circle. :)

      7. Could you please give some guidance as to how to secure the paper clip in? I’ve tried a couple different things and none seem to work. Thanks!


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