Friday, 11 November 2011

little update

Just wanted to say hi to you all! I am alive haha. I want to share a special trip with you, we went to Germany. We drove for three hours and we arrived at our destination: Piesberg near Osnabrugge. That's the beauty of living in Holland. Just drive a few hours and you are in another country with another language and different habits. I totally love it. 

But why would we go there? Well, we went on a mission. 

We went on fossil hunting in a quarry. Another hobby of me and my family we are doing once in a while. We have collected quite some nice pieces already, including some tiny fish! This time the hunt was for plants and insects and also crystals. They have being lying around here for over 300 million years, time for them to be found! 

Of course you need some protection when going to a quarry. Don't we look a cute with our little helmets and all the smudges on our cheeks? Do you see how tall my baby brother is? He is a giant! And Mr. L. who also joined the trip is so tiny like me, I think our kids will be midgets. 

Splitting and checking every stone for treasure.

You feel pretty small when sitting in such a massive pit, surrounded by an ancient world. What a teeny weeny lifespan humans have if you look at the time scale of our lovely planet. I find it hard to imagen and it makes me so curious!

Here is an example of some treasure we brought home: 

I won't go on rambling about fossils and stones, this is a yarny blog after all. And yarn is getting higher on the agenda right now, since it is WEEKEND. Weeehooooee. Let's check some of the boxes on my waaaaaaaaaay to long to-make list. Many of them involve Christmas projects and it is going so fast! I also have some more soft stones to make (it seems I am still rambling on about stones haha :p) for my rug and I am working on a very cute tea cozy if I can say so myself. Can't wait to share!

Have a nice and hopefully yarny weekend. 

xxx Suzanne


  1. What an interesting thing to do on a weekend! The quartz crystals in that stone ar just gorgeous. I do love sparkly things and have been give some lovely jewellry of semi-precious stones from S.Africa.

    Looking forward to seeing your new yarny you say most people's minds are on Christmas and the time is whizzing it's time for quick crocheting!

  2. That sounds really fascinating, I remember having a fossil of a shell-like creature when I was younger. You and your family have wonderful adventures!


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