Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One a day: Hexipuffs!

Hello lovelies!

Well, the moment is here. I made my first hexipuffs. Still figuring out the best way to make them perfectly shaped, but I'll get there!

Pattern Beekeeper's Quilt from Tiny Owl Knits

I'm most happy with the bottom one. The yarn is so soft and is a bliss to work with. 

But, hexipuffs are not the only thing that is in progress:

Crochet Star garland! You can find the pattern here.

And more Christmas projects, one is already done; the star ornaments from Lucy. 

Star decoration from Attic24

I'll keep it short, since there is much decoration needed before the end of the week! Good luck on your One a day and Christmas projects. If you're not busy with that or you have need for more gorgeous projects go here for more inspiration. 


  1. Three lovely projects, how nice! Lov the stars, they will be very pretty all strung up. The attic 24 star is pretty in those colours, I'm waiting for a break in other crochet to do some Christmas stuff, but will it ever come?!

    Have a happy week!x

  2. Oops - I have that Attic 24 bauble on my YoP list, your post has reminded me to get started on that soon!

    The hexis are looking cute - I'm so pleased you've started them! I found my first few were quite uneven but the more I made the better shaped they became although different yarns can need some extra/fewer rows sometimes.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. We're doing the same star! Nice and quick to work.

  4. I'm loving your hexipuffs, I'm tempted to do the crochet version. Your star garland is beautiful as is your star decoration. Xxxxxx

  5. Well done, your hexipuffs look great. Really like your star garland, would love to get one done before Cheistmas!! I did some of Lucys decorations last week, but gave them to my sister so have got to do myself some.

  6. Your hexipuffs look great you should check out the first couple I made I'm not even sure if I will be able to use them hehe. Loving the christmas crochet too. xx

  7. Yay...lovely little hexipuffs...well done you! Your star garland is so sweet... I have made a few stars but haven't strung them up yet..I hope they look as Christmasy as yours :)x

  8. Ooh, het witte sterretje heb ik meteen gemaakt, leuk is ie! De hexipuff deken is super en jij maakt er zeker ook iets moois van! Ik had er ook al mijn zinnen op gezet, maar ik ben nog niet zo zeker van mijn brei-kunsten... Dus ik blijf nog even bij het haken :) ik ben op het moment bezig met een african flower hexagon deken!
    En je nieuwe achtergrond is ook al zo fijn :)
    Heb een fijn Sinterklaas weekend!


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