Thursday, 3 November 2011

mitten madness

It's been awefully quiet here at Crea in the City. I have been away some time from blogland and I missed it very  much! Life has been passing by so fast. But, I have decided to make some time for a little post on my mittens.

I am not really a knitter, I find it complicated and I always manage to let my stitches slip of the needles. But I have practiced a lot and seen a lot of youtube clips and know I do see the beauty and the fun in knitting. I have tackled my fear for double pointed needles and my first mitten is done! 

I love the lace effect it has on the bottom and the top.

There are a lot of mistakes in this project, I tend to make the second one much neater. But overall I am pretty pleased with it. I never thought I could work on DPN's or make a thump gusset! I didn't know some things that were written in the pattern. 

How to get the circle started for example? I found the answer here in this clear video. Don't forget to put a stitch marker on your first knitted stitch to keep track of the rounds. 

With the thump gusset I got a little scared, make 1? What is make 1? Placing the stitches on waste yarn? I found a lot of help in this clip. It's a clip about making mittens and this part is all about making a thump gusset. I found it very useful. 

The pattern is really well written and if you just follow it, you should be fine. There was some confusion at the beginning though about how to get the edge of the mitten with a sort of picot edge. I just start following the pattern. You turn the hem at the end of the project at the top and bottom of the project. So you "fold" the first and last part of your project to the inside and attached by sewing. So you make 4 of the lace rounds with the little holes, but you will see only 2. I should have made some pictures to make it more clear, I will try to do so with the second mitten. 

I plan to make some more mittens, because once you get the idea it is really easy. So let's get busy with my second mitten! 


  1. They are lovely mittens. I've had these on my favourite list for a long time but haven't had the courage to give them a go. They would make lovely teacher gifts though so I might have another little try! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Lovely mittens, you're very clever! The Internet and YouTube are brilliant ways of finding out how to do new things, I've used it loads for understanding new stitches.

  3. You tube was my savor any times when I was getting back to crochet, lovely mittens!

  4. Well done on mastering DPN's! I'v just figured them out myself and found knitting with them higly addictive. I think it's because the rounds are so quick to do, I find myself just thinking 'ahhh just a couple more rounds'!
    I love the pattern you've chosen, I've had them on my pinterest for a while and have been really tempted a few times to get started on them..

    Ashley xxx


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