Friday, 18 November 2011

Mitten Mania

They are finished! My very first double pointed needle project. There are so many tiny errors made and they are far from perfect, but it’s a first step in a world of many more dpn projects. I loved this journey and I can really recommend the pattern that I used.  

The only thing I found confusing was the “turning round”. In the pattern you start off with some knitting rounds and a turning round. I was confused, starting with knitting? How about this little picot edge? Well, no worries. The picot edge is made by turning the hem, so you fold the edge to the inside of your mitten and sew it.

On the left you see my mitten with the hems not turned yet. On the right the hems are turned and sewn to the inside. 

I hope you understand what I mean haha. 

I really enjoy them although I might add one extra thing. I want to add a little ribbon waved through the lacy part at the bottom of the mitten. I am not sure about what color to use though….blue…or just plain white….Any suggestions? 

Good thing Puck also enjoys my soft mittens haha. 


  1. Love your mittens, they are great! I can see how you did your edging but it all looks very fiddly, not sure I would be any good at it. The ribbon sounds like a good idea, you could make a ribbon interchangeable so it would match with different outfits?

  2. Oh wow, I think those are beautiful. Knitting in the round is definitely something I want to have a try at after Christmas (that's taking up all my time at the moment).
    Well done you.

  3. They turned out so cute! I'd add a white ribbon. ♥ Well done!

  4. Thanks for popping by my blog the other day, it was so nice to get your comment. No wonder you're pleased with your mitts, they're gorgeous. Well done you!

    S x

  5. Thanks a lot for your description. I didnn't understand the pattern since I've found this site (I'm a German). So I can go on with mine. Your mitts are well done, wow!!!



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