Thursday, 5 January 2012

Marvelous mittens

I have been knitting away like crazy! Today a dear friend celebrates her birthday and I have the perfect present. She has these cute little hands with pretty slender fingers. These hands deserve some homemade super soft mittens! So I made her these:

They are so soft and warm! I kinda have a hard time giving these babies away haha. And I know, I know, I have to cut my nails :p. I'm like the wooly witch of Holland looking through the window of my eight-story ivory tower scouting for puppies and children to eat. 

Look at the thumb gusset, I'm pretty pleased since there are NO holes! It's a miracle. My problem were the "make 1" stitches. It turned out I did these the wrong way. If you also have holes in your mittens you should check out this clip. It's a bit long but I found it very enlightening. 

I made these using my bamboo 3.5 mm DPN's, smaller needles than the ones used in the pattern. I wanted these to be really tight and small. I used Lana grossa Merino yarn and it is so nice to work with. It doesn't split and it is sooooo soft and warm. I used this lovely free pattern. 

One more picture before we have to part ways *sigh*: 

Bye bye sweet mittens, hello lovely new owner! 

Edit: Sorry everybody! The pictures are not working (Thank you Sarah for pointing that out! :-D) so I'm fixing it right now. 

Edit2: should be fixed now.


  1. Your friend is so lucky...they're gorgeous! One day I'll have to learn how to knit. :)

  2. I tried to view this on my phone and now also on my laptop...and the pictures aren't showing up for me on either *sob* - I'm now DESPERATE to see the mittens!! :D



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