Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pretty Crafty Home: Recycle

I got myself a new bathroom eye-catcher, a fluffy bath rug. One that is washable, absorbs the moist from my feet and feels lush and posh. And the best part is, this one is made from recycled towels. How I got to this idea is all thanks to my Pretty Crafty Home journey that I started here

This will be my first Pretty Crafty Home post. Making my home pretty and crafty has a few rules and for this post I will use three of them:

1.  Tidy, tidy, tidy and clean, clean clean!
Yes, a troublesome rule indeed. Since this never ends, there is always some form of mess. Though every day consists of returning cleaning it does help to get rid of the clutter. Overall my house is not a big mess and it looks well organized on most days….Until you open a closet or a cabinet….

Do you think you can handle it?


It's bad isn't it?

A bit embarrassed about this to be honest, how did these shelves get like this anyway?! So time to de-clutter. Armed with huge garbage bags, some coffee and some music playing I started to sort. The result?

That is better, isn’t it? I got enthusiastic and went on to my wardrobe and started sorting out some sheets and towels. Then I found some old towels in the very back of the wardrobe. Once gotten from my mom when I started living in my student apartment. They were already old when I got them, now they are stiff, grey and even have holes in them.I wanted to recycle them, giving them to charity wasn’t an option because of the state they were in. So I applied rules 4 and 5:

4.  Thrift, re-use and recycling are my watch words.

5.  Crafting is king!

I found this very neat idea on the internet (thank you Google), making a bath rug of old towels. I used 4 bath towels (but they weren’t big) and cut them into pieces. I knotted the little stripes to a non-slip mat that I bought for €1. 

The result is a 50 cm x 50 cm bath rug that fits my tiny bathroom perfectly. You can make this rug in the perfect size or shape. If you want to know the details, I used this website. It even comes with a little clip. 

Next project to tackle is the balcony, it’s grey and gloomy and that is about to change with some de-stashing crochet! 


  1. what a wonderful idea! your closet looks so organised and wonderful now! I really should get my self signed up for this challenge. I think this may be a february challenge for me.

    Im looking forward to seeing the balcony progress.

    1. You should definitely join the challenge in February, the amount of work you want to do is up to you! And the reward is amazing, it gives a lot of satisfaction.

  2. Oi! At least you have doors to hide the mess with, unlike here :-) I like your mat, saw something similar on Pinterest. I bought one like that, in bright red, from a community project over December, and it is now brightening my toilet-library.

  3. that is pretty awesome that little rug, ooooh i wish I had cupboards to hide home is very cluttered :P well done in organising!

  4. The bath mat looks great, Ive often thought about doing it myself :)

  5. That is great work Suzanne, you have inspired me to get on with my own Pretty Crafty Home next week. Thank you.

  6. Actually, I didn't think the cupboard was toooo bad. (I've seen worse - in my house!) Looks great now it's done though!

    S x


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