Friday, 2 September 2011

Moments to Treasure

Hello dears! 

How was your week? Mine was great! Especially one day in particular. I went to visit two dear friends of mine and we had a wonderful time. I went by train, which offered me the possibility to start with the birthday gift for my mom. I am making a scarf with this beautiful yarn in a blue-purple-gray-ish color, I love it. I am seriously considering making one for me as well! The pattern is a bliss, although it is a Japanese pattern the signs are easy to understand. With a hook of 6.0 mm it goes super fast, my scarf was starting to shape after half an hour! The yarn is so soft, it is super easy to work with. *Sigh* What a lovely in-between-blankets-project haha. 

Just sitting in the train resulted in quite some progress:

But that wasn't the nice part of the day! We went walking in the forest, just the three of us. Talking about a wide range of topics, from funny stories to serious matters. No sounds, except for the birds and the wind. We needed nothing more.

It had something magical to it.We are very close friends, and it always feels like coming home when we are just with the girls *sorry boys haha*. I love them dearly. They are more like sisters and there is nothing too much for them. 

They are such beautiful and powerful women. But girls will stay girls, goes after we came back it was time for tea and some sweets! They made cupcakes and I got a present:

Hurray for mustache madness!! The mustache mug is the present, isn't it aaaawesome! They know me too well ;-). Now, enough of the chatter. The house needs to be cleaned, I need to study a lot and then have the opportunity to take the dog for a long walk since the sun is shining *it was officially the rainiest summer ever measured in Holland*. 

And after cooking, eating, cleaning up again...............I can crochet again and enjoy the weeeeeekend! Have a nice weekend too! 

Lots of love, 


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