Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pet Pillow

Hello lovelies,

It's been a while! I haven't even participated in the tuesday's tallies from the One a day group, shame on me. Things are a bit busy here in Rotterdam. And I have been working on my stripy blanket and my flower tablerunner, but the progress is not of much interest to show yet. Don't worry, once it is significantly increasing in size I will share it with you! 

In the meanwhile, I have been doing a nice little sewing project. I am not a great sewer, so it is a really easy one to do, an envelope pillow. It's been on my to do list for some time now and it is finally done! 

I did this pillow with a rather boring fabric, but it matches my sofa perfectly. To pimp it up a bit, I added an image of the lovely little Puck the Jack Russel - Dachshund that you probably know very well by now. 

No zippers or buttons, which makes this a perfect beginner project! 

If you are wondering how to get a pillow with your pet on it, here is how I did it. 

1. I first measured my pillow, it was 45 x 45 cm's. 
2. I cut two pieces of fabric, one 48 x 48 cm's and one of 48 x 58 cm's. I just added 3 centimeters on each side and for the second piece I added another 10 centimers. You can use the 3 and 10 centimeters for any size of pillow. So measure your pillow, add 3 cm's (about 1 inch) to each side and another 10 centimeter (about 4 inches) to the second piece. 
3. Now cut the larger piece (48 x 58 cm) in half. 
4. Stitch the edges of the two halves. These two parts will overlap which will give the pillow an envelope shape. 
5. Stitch all the parts together (wrong side inside)

To make things a bit more clear, watch this clip on youtube. It's been such a help and is very clear and easy to understand. 

I added a picture to my pillow, this is also rather easy. I used a picture of Puck and turned in a black and white picture in photoshop. It needs to be a picture with a light background, otherwise the effect will be a bit messy. I used this picture:

And then turned it into this:

If your a bit familiar with photoshop you can do it yourself, just boost the contrast and then use the Stamp tool (it's under filter).

I printed the picture on transfer paper and ironed it on the front piece of the pillow before sewing it togeter. 

And that's it! I made it in one night while Mr. L. was watching soccer haha. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. that's such a cute cushion! i love the idea of turning a photo into a print like that :)

  2. Its very pretty, I would never have thought of doing looks like your little doggy is sleeping on your chair, so cute!

  3. Now that is adorable! What a brilliant idea! Would make an ideal present for folks too. Thanks for the sharing how to make it. :-) Hugs xox


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