Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One a day, stripy goodness!

Hello lovelies,

How nice of you to visit (again) here at Crea in the City. Many of you will be curious about my one a day project. Well I have to be honest, I haven't been very productive on that one in particular. I have made a few flowers and the result so far is this:

I have been busy with other projects and "normal" things in life. I visited my parents and I didn't really got the chance to get crafty, I did enjoy my weekend so very much. 

I have been living in Katwijk (a small town near the coast in Holland) for over 20 years before moving to the "big" city. It is great to live in a big city, but I do miss the beach a lot.

So I went walking along the shoreline with Mr. L. Look at the beautiful sky, what a scenic view! 

I did got some wet feet haha. 

And after every walk, there is another delight:

The best ice cream of the Netherlands! I had white chocolate and after eight flavor! 

But of course there have been a few cozy moments to spare for crochet. I have another One a day project that I would like to speed up a little. The concept works really well for me, so it is time to add this little project to the list:

It is a stripy project, which we all know so well from Lucy from Attic24. Many of you have already made something with this pattern and I can't wait to get it finished. I have a long way to go, it is a spread for my queen sized bed and I hook this baby with a hook of 3.0 mm! Pffff, it takes soooo long to complete one row. But, in the end it will look beautiful. 

So wish me luck, with TWO challenges ;-)

If you like the One a day idea, check out the Gingerbread girl blog of the wonderful Carole. Here you can find other posts of the participants of this group! Keep up the good work for all that are participating!


  1. I wish we had a beach like that near us, it looks beautiful.

    I love your granny stripe :)

  2. Love the flowers and the stripes!!The beach looks beautiful!!

  3. Hi Suzanne! Your granny stripe blanket looks so beautiful and I still admire your flowers!
    We were at the beach in Holland three times this year, it is wonderful there!
    Have a nice week! Barbina

  4. I love your beach picture and the beautiful sky. When I paint landscapes I go all out for skies. I am also with you with a love of ice-cream, when I was pregnant with my middle boy I burnt the motor out on my ice-cream machine as I made so much!

    Your stripe is lovely it's a great project for one-a-day!

  5. I have found this One A Day really does help you make progress. We all have time to devote to just one something each day, making it a point to do it each day will provide the end result.

  6. Stunning beach photo's,what a beautiful place to have lived. I'm loving your new stripe blanket. Deb xxxx

  7. I love both of your projects, the flowers look so beautiful. I am currently working on a granny stripe blanket and it is so addictive. The beach looks amazing and I so wish I lived near the coast.

  8. wow that beach is beautiful!! as is your blanket!! xx

  9. Wow, 3mm hook!!! I did mine with a 4mm I think and it fits a single bed and THAT felt like it took forever! As you say though, it will be so worth it when it's done!

    xx Marja (Noemie on Rav)

  10. Oh yes, I love Hilly Town but my only criticism would be that it is a long way from the sea. I love your granny stripe. Such sophisticated colours.

  11. I love both of your projects - looking fabulous!

  12. Good luck! Both projects look amazing, but I especially love the first one. :-)

  13. You can't beat some good beachy photos to make you long to be by the sea! I love both your blankets. Love the colours in the granny stripe. Will you be blocking the flower blanket?
    Kier x

  14. What a gorgeous beach - your photos are just stunning! I love your granny stripe blanket and the colours you're using :)

  15. I made cakepops! Thankyou so much for the inspiration......have to say yours were far prettier than mine, but still mine were eaten with great enthusiasm!

  16. Lovely beach pics :-) Your stripes actually look very seasidey which is lovely! Keep going x x

  17. I missed this last week somehow!!!

    It looks like you have been having lots of fun, I do miss going to the beach...it looks like such a lovely day you had, with some wet feet and yummy icecream!

    You have even got another project to add to one a day, and its a wonderful stripey one!!

  18. Love your one a day, I really want to make pillow cases using a pattern like this. How much fun are you having making lucy's granny stripe blanket, I love this pattern you just feel so relaxed hooking it up. Your colours are looking great too.


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