Tuesday, 6 September 2011

One a day

Last week I joined this wonderful group on Ravelry, the One a day group started by the lovely Carole from the Gingerbread Girl blog. It is such an inspiring group with lots of kind, beautiful people. The idea is simple, make one part of one of your projects. Could be a granny square, a row or in my case a flower. You might have seen the project already in this post. This is how it looks now:

This is the perfect way to tackle those bigger long-term projects. Most of the times I start all enthusiastic and full of energy, day after day.......after day. And then my eye catches a new pattern, how beautiful, I must make this at once! The bigger project.....Suddenly less appealing. Recognize this? Then you should definitely join the One a day group. It keeps you so motivated. Carole made a 'Mr. Linky' so everyone who blogs about there one a day project can join in the fun! So, I will keep you posted about the project. 

I want to share a little something else too, a little home decoration. I am a coast girl as some of you might know. Born and raised with the sea within walking distance. I found this old poster that I got from my mums once. It names all kinds of fish that swim in our beloved North Sea. Some funky looking ones too, haha. So, I decided to give it a nice place in my study room. Now I can look at it from now and then and feel right at home!

Isn't nice? It's a bit like biology class haha. 

 So do you have some things in your home that have a history? Objects that have a special story or furniture that belonged to someone special?


  1. Hi Suzanne - I'm also visiting from One a Day (thanks for your comments at my 'place' too) and love your blog. Your crochet is beautiful.

    In our house we have an antique chair that belonged to my Father In Law... 10 years ago my husband was in a bad motorcycle accident and we had to move in with his parents for 3 months so they could care for him while I was at work. My husband (finance then) was only able to sit in an upright chair due to his injuries so his father moved an antique chair into the sitting room and I loved it so much he gave it to us when we moved back home. I must get a picture of it because the fabric is so beautiful. Whenever I sit in it (it's in one of our bedrooms now) I think about the fun we had there while D was recuperating and I remember the lovely man his father was.

    Hope you are having much nicer weather there, it's very wet and windy here - have a lovely day!

    Sarah xxx

  2. I really love the project you picked.

    Do you know what, I can't think of anything in our home that has a history. I'm sure there are some things but none that really stick out. I have bought a couple of 'new/old' pieces recently that I'm really hoping become treasured family pieces.

    Thanks for joining in with the group xXx

  3. I love your one a day project - it's so pretty! :) And that's exactly me too btw - I'm constantly being distracted by new and exciting projects, lol, so it's a good job I've joined the group! :)

  4. Oooooh I like the one a day project idea, and you have made such a pretty thing...very delicate!! Must have a look at the group :)

  5. Love your fishes!
    I have two large framed photos, marketing material from the Department of Agriculture here in South Africa, a million years ago. Used to hang in the office of a colleague at the Univ of Pretoria, and when he resigned I was asked to clear the office, throw all the rubbish away, including said photos...and it's been hanging in my living room for 6 yrs now :-)
    Like your flowers as well .

  6. Soooooo pretty, I'm having project envy at all these beautiful beginnings!

  7. I love your one a day project, so dainty, so beautiful. I just can't wait to see your progress so will keep popping back to say hi.

  8. Hi there,Suzanne, I've popped over from OaD,isn't it a fab group. It's my first time joining in with a group,I've been away all week so couldn't blog my progress but look forward to joining you all next Tuesday.
    I'm loving your project,it's so pretty,look forward to seeing the progress as the weeks go on.
    Btw I love the red,turquoise and cream blanket on your header,it's gorgeous,right up my street.xxxxx

  9. I love your flowers, they are so delicate, I bought some cotton this week to make a flower scarf as a Christmas present. The best bits of furniture are the ones with a story behind them, we have bought lots of things from sales before we had kids which have always been spur of the moment finds and much loved. When my dad retired from farming he started carpentry as a hobby, he has made us lots of lovely things, but the best is a heavy lidded blanket box in oak which is in our bedroom, it is stunning


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