Tuesday, 11 October 2011

One a day Tuesday's Tallies: Tada moment!

Hi darlings!

What a week, autumn has really found Rotterdam. The wind won't give my little plants on the balcony any break and it makes my umbrella totally useless from protecting me from all the rain that has been pooring. Not really my favorite kind of weather, but autumn also has a sunny side. Sometimes the sun peeks through the clouds just long enough for me to take a stroll with the dog hunting for chestnuts. I love chestnuts so much! They really represent the change of the seasons for me and the color, my oh my the color! 

Next to getting these pretty little fellows, I harvested my carrots. They were on my balcony for months and this is the result:

A bit disappointing to be honest, they didn’t even tasted sweet. Bummer! A well, on to the part you all have been waiting for: my One a day Tada moment! I think it is pretty and I love it! Sometimes finished objects disappear from my home as a gift for friends and family (for example my scarf went to my mom and my bunny went to a cousin), but this time I am sure it will stay right here! It just took me too long and it has been an amazing journey with all of you supporting me. So here it is:

I have started this project on the 30th of August 2011, so it took me one and a half month. I used Super Durable Breikatoen No. 10 for this project, which is a 100% cotton 3 ply yarn and a 2.0 mm crochet hook. You will need a whole skein and a tiny bit of a second one. 

The project is 1,5 meters long and I choose to make it slightly bigger than my table. 

The pattern I used is this one. I just used the flowers and made the project into a table runner. 

The pattern is Japanese so for the ones that don’t use a chart, I have written the pattern down of one flower:
1.       Chain 8 and slip stitch in the first stitch to form a circle
2.       Ch. 4, *dc in the next stitch followed by a ch. 1* repeat until you reach the end of the circle and join to the 3rd stitch of the chain 4
3.       Ch. 8, *skip 3 stitches and dc in the next (so skip a ch. Stitch, a dc and a ch. Stitch of the last round)* and repeat. At the end of the circle join in the 3rd stitch of the chain 8.
4.       Ch. 1, sc in the same stitch, *ch. 2, dc in the 3rd stitch of the chain 5 of the last round, ch. 3, dc in the same stitch as the other dc (so the 3rd stitch of the chain 5), ch. 2, sc in the top of the dc of last round* repeat and join into the sc at the end of the round.
5.       *Ch. 3, 3 dc’s into the first stitch of the ch. 3 of last round, ch. 3, 3 dc’s in the 3rd stitch of the ch. 3, ch. 3 and join in the sc of the last round.

And that’s it. You can join the flowers as you go by joining the tops of the flower petals with a slip stitch.  I must say, it sounds a bit difficult when reading the pattern and I highly recommend using the chart. So much easier ;-).  

Well, that was my first One a day project. Of course my tallies will go on, since I have thought of a new project. I will tell you all about it next Tuesday. Check here for the other great One a day projects! 

Edit: The diner set is the "Jokkmokk" from IKEA. It is very tiny, which is very convenient since we have a small appartment. Of course it made my live also much easier when making this table runner haha. 

Edit2: Some of you might already want to know what kind of project the next One a day will be, why not take a guess? I'll give a hint, it is also for the home and it is NOT similar to the table runner. 


  1. Gorgeous, looks perfect on your table.xxx

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous, Suzanne. So time consuming, I bet, but the end result is worth it.

  3. I love it! I might make one for my table (which I think might be the same as your table...IKEA?) Thank you so much for sharing the pattern too! :)

  4. It looks absolutely perfect, no wonder you want to keep it!
    I am looking forward to seeing your next one a day project, please don't keep us waiting too long.

  5. It's a stunning piece, that looks perfect for your table. Well done on using such a small hook. Am wondering if you next project will be similar or completely different. Will have to wait and see!

  6. Ooh mooi Suzanne, mijn complimenten!
    Ik heb zelf al een tijdje niet meer geblogd,
    maar ik hou je in de gaten hoor ;)

  7. I love love your table runner! It looks perfect on your table! And thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I need something to hide a big scratch my little one has made on our table, so I can make my own! After I have finished my blanket, a shawl, a bag...Oh my!

  8. Hi!
    Great work! Beautiful, looks great on your table. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  9. That looks beautiful you mus be so pleased and it is nice to keep some of your own makes sometimes, clever you!

  10. It looks great and fits in perfectly with your dining suite! Yay for finishing! Ill guess a blanket or throw??

  11. Your runner is just beautiful, and it's absolutely perfect for your table! I certainly don't blame you for keeping this one, hehe! I love the chestnuts by the way - such a gorgeous colour! :)

  12. It's just beautiful! I started reading this post thinking oo I want the pattern and as I scrolled I saw a pattern chart and a big woo hoo was yelled. Thank-you so much this is now on my to do list so pretty xx Can one house have to much crochet in it?? xx

  13. Wow Suzan! It's beautiful!!! I'll show this to Irma soon. She'll love it as well. You're the crochet-queen :D XC

  14. I was looking forward to seeing this and it has lived up to the expectation - it's really beautiful.

    Of course the big question is.... what next?

  15. Those chestnuts look amazing, I miss playing conkers with them! Sorry to hear about your carrots, they look a bit cute though!

    Finally I must say that your finished piece looks stunning, and looks so delicate on the table!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern and writing it all out in full :) It's beautiful! I love chestnuts too - especially when they are fresh out of their shell and they are shiny and polished as can be. Looking forward to seeing what you make next!x

  17. Absolutely beautiful. I love how it looks on your table. Will have to add this to my queue. Thanks for the English instructions!

  18. Congratulations on finishing! It makes your table look really cute - who'd have thought those Japanese flowers would make a super table runner! x


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