Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday's Tallies: New project reveal

Well hello there lovelies!

It is finally Tuesday and I can show you my new project! I will not talk too much about it and show you some pictures instead.

All grey and green colored woolly pebbles. 

They are soft...

They are squishe.....

And they will be growing in numbers. 

Because I will need a lot of these little pebbles! The purpose? Something like this:

This is a picture I found on Ravelry and later also on Pinterest. You can find it here, there is also a pattern that you can buy for these pebbles. I didn't use this pattern, since I know how to crochet a ball and I just made them not perfectly round by randomly increasing or decreasing a bit. I just make them up as I go. They are filled with fiber fill and they are so quick to make! 

The goal is a rug, I am not sure what size. It would be great if it could be bigger than the one shown above. We will see! For now I'll focus on making one a day and not being distracted by other projects. Although I have a few other small projects that I will show soon! 

Check here for more One a day projects! 


  1. What a splendid idea, that is going to make an awesome rug. I am sitting here imagining the squishy feeling between ones toes! Very nice! :-)

  2. i saw that rug & thought it was awesome, too!

  3. oo oo it's just like the beekeepers quilt but with pepples I love it and it looks splendid in front of a fire, I hope you have a fire hehe. Can't wait for more pepples each week. xx

  4. I've seen this before, too, but a long time ago. It will be great. I see a theme....Moss Rug....Pebble Rug....

  5. Hi!
    Awesome idea! It will be great when it's done. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  6. What a cool idea, can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. Oooh, what a fab idea, but I agree it needs to be bigger. I love it. x

  8. Oh I have this pattern somewhere in my chaos and I love the fact that they are felted as well. Can't wait to see yours finished.

  9. Seriously, this is the height of cute. I love it. Can't wait to watch it grow.

  10. I love this! seriously, you have the best ideas for projects :) can't wait to see those pebbles multiply x

  11. A lovely idea. Do they simply get sewn together? Maybe some moss covered pebbles would bring you closer to your bath mat idea?

    Kier x

  12. ooooo such a deliciously gorgeous pattern, i saw this pattern in a magazine a few years ago and it is in my very long to do list :) can't wait to see how your turns out. x

  13. OMGosh, I thought at first they were crocheted-covered rocks! Then I read "rug" and was like how's that going to happen when it's so hard? Then I saw "fiberfill." LOL!!!
    That is so awesome!

  14. Wow, I love it, especially that they are all different sizes and are so pebble like too. Great project!


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