Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wonderful day

I had a wonderful day! I'm totally in the autumn mood. I made a little trip with my parents, brother and some other family in to the woods and I had so much fun! I made some pictures and I hope to find some time to share them with you. Although this trip got me totally revived, this wasn't the thing that made my day. I checked my mail and got out the usual leaflets, bills and other daily mail, until my hand touched a very big envelope. I knew what it was right away! My price I won on the wonderful blog from Hazel, Hazel's Crochet. You should check it out, she also participates in the One a day group with a rainbow blanket! She also added a cute little note and a crochet heart! She is such a sweet person. 

She organized a giveaway and I won this book. It is very big and there are sooo many wonderful patterns. I cannot buy this book in the Netherlands so I am so happy I was lucky to win it. Look at some of the patterns:

Some cute penguins...

Some cute softies, look at the gingerbread man! I am totally going to make him.

But there are also pattern of clothing and blankets like this one...

Or this one! 

Time to make a list of Christmas projects that I want to make and I should get started soon. Time flies. 

Thank you Hazel, for your lovely gift :-). 


  1. Those blankets are gorgeous! You should definitely make one! I've been busy making Christmas gifts but there seems to be so much to do.

  2. I am glad it got there safely and that you also like the book, it is wonderful (I bought another one for myself he he).

  3. all of them great.. I like them very much..

  4. How lovely! Can't wait to see what you make first. I love the little penguins. And the second blanket looks so nice and squishy.

  5. Que lindos! São muito fofos!


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