Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saving Saturday: Moss Madness

As a happy couple that just started to live in their first home, money is easily spent. There are so many things I would like to add to our little appartment. Some things are old (and not in a nice antique way) or just plain ugly. A lot of these were moved from my college dormity room to our new appartment. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful since I got a lot for free from family and friends. But now I would like some stuff I actually LIKE haha.

But in times of crisis we cannot just run to the IKEA and buy a new sofa and a bunch of decorations. So one has to be creative and patient (especially patience is a challenge). There are many things to make your home cozy and comfy without spending much money on it. I love the challenge of creating something with little resources. Therefore I want to have a new topic: Saving Saturday. Leaving you with a tip every Saturday to make your home even more wonderful!

Let's kick off with an autumn decoration tip. I love to add a little touch of season to the house and what better way to do so than with all the free goodies from nature! One of the things I totally love is moss. I found some amazing things on Pinterest

Look at the bathmat, the moss grows from the water that comes from your feet! How amazing. Although this is a very nice idea, I don't think the b-friend will be thrilled about this idea (he is always a bit scared of possible bugs and mold and sometimes he has a point -_-). The use of moss in some decorative touches to the house is more practical.

So I went to the parc with a spoon *yes, a spoon...I don't have a shovel* and I found myself some green fluffy moss! I spooned my moss into a bag and I found also some mushrooms! Wiehoe. What a nice bonus. Back home I put them in a nice little tray, added some of the chestnuts I picked up earlier this week and a candle, all done! 

Very easy to do and I think you can always find some moss no matter where you are. So take a nice long walk and go get yourself some moss! Don't forget to spray a little water over the moss every day. Be careful with mushrooms, a lot of them are toxic. You don't want your kids taking a bite of them so keep them out of reach or out of the house! I don't have any kids around here so I don't have to worry about that. Of course I have a dog which is a bit stupid but not THAT stupid... 

Although he might surprise us ;-)....

Big kiss and I'll soon be back with my new One-a-day project reveal. Thank you for all the lovely and sweet comments about my table runner! It was an amazing journey. Oooooh I'm so exited about the next one. It's going way faster than I anticipated and it is going to be on my hook for a looooooooong time. It's a big one. 

Talk to you soon!


  1. That is a very interesting idea :)We are renting a flat/apartment but we aren't allowed to do anything to it, so it is very dull!

    Though I thought I would let you know that you are the winner of my blog giveaway :)

  2. wat een gezelige en leuke blog heb je!
    ik ga je volgen.

  3. What a pretty idea. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love your dog, what a little cutie.
    It must be your lucky day winning Hazel's giveaway, enjoy the Christmassy goodness of the book.

  4. That's such a fun idea - I love your moss decoration :) The idea of you digging up moss with a spoon is really funny too (in a good way!!) Thanks for sharing this!x

  5. Don't you just love Pinterest? I am addicted to it. Love the photos of the moss decorations. I think I pinned one of those myself. The idea was for a patio table centerpiece, but I really never thought about bringing it inside. Do you think it would grow all winter?

  6. Lovely idea! I reckon I'd worry a little about having a moss bathmat though and what might live in it.....table decoration a much better idea!


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