Friday, 24 February 2012

FO friday: perfect beginner project

I have a little project that I made a while ago. When frost kicked in I had to make something to keep my ears warm, a quick project. I decided to make a headband and without further rambling let's get to the pictures: 

I loved the pattern, it was a really easy knit. I think the designer, Elisa McLaughlin, is very talented and I will definitely make more of here designs in the future. 

The pattern I used is this one and is a free one. It is knitted on straight needles using nothing but knit stitches *for some reason I a far better at knitting than purling*. You join at the end and wrap some yarn around it, it is sooooo simple. A perfect beginner project! 

I used some cheap acrylic yarn that I had in my stash in a dark purple color. I think this pattern deserves some nice cotton or wool though, that's what you get when you are on a yarn diet haha. 

Well, I pretty happy about this one. I think you should leave the smugness over here and look at other projects at Tami's Amis. There are some pretty awesome projects over there! 

Edit: if you want to make something like this and you're not a knitter, try this great crochet pattern from Stephanie Jessica Lau. 

Source: Stephanie Jessica Lau


  1. Great headband! It looks wonderful on you! <3

  2. Nice idea! Will defo try the crocheted one.

  3. Looks like a very good yarn choice to me - nice and thick and warm!

  4. Thanks for the link!! You did a great job on your headband! I have three girls here who would love these!

  5. Very nice, really suits you.

  6. It looks gorgeous. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the link. I think I will make one for myself. Although I am not as young and pretty as you, I do love a good headband to hold my witchy mop of hair off my face. Hugs xoxox

  7. It compliments the hair up styles nicely.

  8. Leuk! Goed gedaan! :)
    Staat mooi ook! Zeker met je haar omhoog :)


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