Thursday, 23 February 2012

Goodbye socks...

Remember this yarn?

I made a nice big skein from this hank, which was a bit of a hassle since I never did that. That is as far as I got, my needles haven't touched this lush yarn yet. 

I wanted to make socks, my very first socks. 

But then it hit me....

What if I mess up those socks? Shouldn't I be practicing a bit with less pretty yarn?

And if I don't mess up, this yarn will stay hidden in my shoes. What a waste! 

So, I'm very sorry to disappoint you all, I don't think I will be making socks with this yarn. I want to make something that can be seen. So back to Ravelry to search for a fitting pattern. 

It has to be wearable, since the yarn is so soft and warm.
It has to be something that can be made from 440 yards of sock yarn, I only have one skein. 
It has to be easy enough for a good knit on the sofa while watching a movie.
It has to be pretty.

I found just the thing, this scarf:

Source: Sunshinewalks

Soft merino yarn covering my neck sounds like a delight! Sure, winter is ending *hooray!*. However spring and summer can be pretty cold here in Holland. The pattern looks delicate and yet it is not complicated to knit.

I'm excited to be starting a new knitting project! Lately all I have been knitting are hexipuffs, which is great but a side project couldn't hurt. 
 So what do you think? Should I stick with the socks, or go with the scarf? 

Wish you all a happy Thursday!


  1. Oh! Almost got a fright.
    I'm already thinking, about my wool, what will I do?
    I've been thinking...maybe a cowl. In Granny, or trebles, or chain granny...?

    1. A cowl is also very nice! Although I'm more of a scarf person. There are many nice crochet patterns for a cowl on ravelry.

  2. Well I love that yarn! It *would* make lovely socks, and while I can understand your misgivings, I definitely think you will make a wonderful job of socks if that's what you want to make.... but also I have that scarf pattern queued, and I'd like to see you making that one too!

    No help, really!!!!!!


    1. hihi,mmmm, decisions decisions! It seems there is no wrong choice to make!

  3. Malabrigo is an amazingly soft yarn. It won't be hard wearing if that is what you are looking for in socks. They would make great bed socks or lazing round the house socks. But if it were me, I would find a sock yarn with some nylon content to use on my feet and use luxury sock yarn for scarves and shawlettes. The scarf pattern you have chosen looks really pretty.

    1. mmmm, maybe I should indeed go for the scarf. It looks so pretty!

  4. I know just how you feel. I still have not given socks a go and would worry about wasting the yarn. I found this pattern and am dying to make it. But I don't have any sock yarn. LOL

    and this one too. I think both would be great in the colour you have.

  5. Jaaa! De sjaal!
    Het is super mooi garen voor die sjaal en een sjaal in die kleuren is te gek, denk ik!
    Want dat staat heel mooi op bijna alle basics, en blauw groen turkoise staat ook bijna altijd mooi bij blondines :)
    Fijne avond nog! xx


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