Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I managed to make 2 hexipuffs (amazing huh? Yes, that is sarcasm). One of these is very special; it is made with my own dyed yarn!  It was an exciting experiment and although I didn’t expect anything fancy, it turned out very nice! Yes, I am pretty smug about this, sorry 'bout that. Want to see?

Eeeeeeeeek, I totally love love love it! It is even in Valentine colors, how convenient. I plan to make many many more hexipuffs with my own yarn. I’ll keep you posted if I made some more!  

Speaking of Valentine, only 15% of the Dutch participate in Valentine activities. I understand why many people are skeptical about this widely commercialized day. Pink and red are in every window, all the stores trying to seduce you with mostly ugly things. Is it really a day for your loved ones or for buying hideous pink bears with sparkles? 

Some people state that you should cherish your loved ones every day and not just on Valentine’s day. I couldn’t agree more. Since this weekend Mr. L. hasn’t been very well, flue has got a grip on him. 

So a homemade smoothie full of fruity goodness, some honey and yoghurt was presented for him in bed on Sunday.

No Valentine's day for me! It will be just like a normal day, except for those that need a little push to express their (secret) love. Did you ever sent a real Valentine's card to a secret love? I did as a teen, anonymous. Good thing I didn't state my name...the guy in question revealled a few weeks later that he fancies man. Bummer,  hahahaha.

Even though I don’t really agree with Valentine’s Day, it started to itch. Maybe it would be nice to do something...It wouldn’t hurt to give Mr. L. a little surprise right? A small thing, not really special. A card maybe? Or some flowers? 

In the end I even made some gifts...yep. Miss Valentine Boycott made gifts. 

I made some fresh peppermint scented bath salt (this was so fun to do, I will definitely make some more!) and heart shaped cake pops. Within 15 minutes Mr. L. ate almost all the cake pops and enjoyed a nice hot footbath which made the whole room smell fresh and minty. He was beaming with happiness with his feet in the water, in his hands a book and a hot cup of tea (he is still a bit sick, so tea will do!). It made me feel kind of good about myself, yes yes, that is smugness again. 

Ok....ok......maybe I do believe in Valentine's day, after all what's better than surprising the one you love? 


  1. your hexipuff with your own hand dyed yarn is AMAZING, such beautiful colours. your very clever and i look forward to seeing more of them.
    I don't subscribe to valentines either as it has turned into a very tacky event, however I'm thinking you very special handmade and very thoughtful gifts should be the way forward. Hope my L is better soon.

  2. Zelf geverfd!? Geweldig! Wat een prachtige kleuren!
    En toch altijd die mooie V'tjes op die hexipuffs... :)
    En die hartjes zijn echt te schattig!

    p.s. Je hebt een berichtje op je Ravelry!

  3. Your hexipuff looks gorgeous, and that is really cool that you have dyed your own wool! Even in valentines colours :)

    I hope Mr. L gets better! The little gifts are quite cute, id rather have something like that than an ordinary box of chocolates :)

    I used to be a very valentines person, but me and Andy swap cards and use the occasion as an excuse to have dinner together out somewhere nice.

  4. Beautiful hexipuff, the colour of your yarn is fabulous

  5. That yarn is fabulous. The pooling is gorgeous. I think making gifts that your sweetheart loves is the only way to celebrate Valentine's day.

  6. That sounds like a lovely day and your hexipuff is so cute!!!! x

  7. Congratulations on the yarn dyeing, it is a wonderful colour and is perfect for valentines.
    The bath salts and cake pops are a wonderful present, handmade makes valentine perfect. Were the cake pops easy? I want to make some but the recipes I've seen are too fiddly.

  8. Crochet with Raymond18 February 2012 at 07:38

    glad to hear that your Man felt better after being spoiled by you on Valentinces day!
    I had to giggle at your story about your anonymous valentine, I'm sure the recipient was very flattered
    Your hexipuffing is looking fab, keep up the good work!


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