Saturday, 4 February 2012

Oh deer!

Winter has kicked in.

No better sound than the crunching of snow while walking in the dunes. A white blanket has covered Holland, making everything pretty.

However, snow has also a very ugly side here in Holland.

Slippery roads with 800 km of traffic jam and trains that no longer able to bring people to their warm homes are an immediate effect of snow.

So I was very lucky to be able to enjoy the snow just walking about. A big advantage is that wildlife can be spotted easily in the white environment. Look what was hiding in the bushes? 

So what do you do after crunching in the snow and spotting deer? Time to knit with a hot cup of coco. It has been rather quite on the craft site in this house, but I did buy some lush, posh, yammy yarn today.
It’s 100% merino, fair trade and the color is A-MA-ZING.

Too bad the color looks a bit off here on the screen, it’s even more pretty in real life.

The plan is to knit socks, yes I did say socks. It is going to be a hassle, but I will get through. Of course this is also perfect for a few hexipuffs thihi.  


  1. O I love that wool. I wish wish wish I could lay my hands on something like that!
    We wish we could play in the snow, you know. But we never really think of the difficult side, getting a few bits now on the news about the harsh conditions in Europe. But looking forward to a possible white Christmas 2012, somewhere in Europe!

  2. The snow has just arrived in the Uk and Im so excited by this.
    I love your new wool it looks so pretty. I look forward to seeing the finished socks.

  3. I thought it was just the UK which had trouble coping with snow!
    That yarn is absolutely beautiful, the socks are going to be fab, I can't wait to see them grow.

  4. I have given you an award today
    All the best

  5. I have an award for you on my blog. Please visit the following link to see it.

  6. Hey, just thought I would let you know that I have given you an award :)

    And we have none of that snow, and hope not to get it...I like your 'crunch crunch' photo :)


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