Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3KCBWDAY3: My Knitting Or Crochet Hero

First of all, thank you all for the all the lovely comments and compliments I got on my picture yesterday. It's been a bit overwhelming! I enjoyed all the creative posts a lot, it was so much fun!  

Day 3 of the blog week, yet another lovely topic. Everyone is asked to write about their knitting or crochet hero. My ultimate knitting heroine is definitely Stephanie Dosen from Tiny Owl Knits, no doubt about it.

Some examples of her pattern, Source: Tiny Owl Knits

Her designs are soooo magical and creative. Just looking at them makes you want to get your needles out. 

I didn't knit when I started this blog, I only used crochet. Knitting wasn't really appealing to me, to difficult. Her beekeeper's quilt made me want to knit and I learned it just for that pattern. Look at all the colours and patterns! 

Of course once I got the hang of knitting more projects by here design followed. 

I learned felting with this little free felted ring pattern and later also made felted slippers (purple bunny slippers that you seen in the Monday post). 

What I also love about this designer is that she is such a nice and inspiring person. She made a group on Ravelry that grew into one big happy family. It's a very active group with lots of things going on, so many warm people have joined. Just recently I joined in a swap and it was so much fun! I got the most amazing things from my swap partner (more about that next week). This might all sound a bit cheesy to some of you, but people that joined the group know that it's true!

Stephanie helps when you don't understand her pattern (which doesn't occur much since I think they are very well written) and she response to any email very quick. 

She also has a blog here where she shares some bits of her life. I hope she will publish some new patterns soon, some birdies told me that she is writing a book. 

I love her patterns so much that I even made a New Year's resolution to knit 12 Tiny Owl Knits projects this year. I made 4 so far and the beekeeper's quilt is a work in progress for the rest of the year. 

The fourth project is something I haven't shared on this blog yet. It is a fox stole! It is soooo cute and I get a lot of lovely comments when I wear it. Although some people also look a bit puzzled at me.

Do you like it? 

The dog didn't like it too much:

Don't attack the fox you silly dog! If you want more info on the fox stole check it on my Ravelry here

Next on the to-do list are these:

Picture by Tiny Owl Knits

I already bought the pattern and felting yarn, so it's won't be long until I can share these with you! For those that wonder what these little houses are, you can store hooks and needles in them!

Picture by Tiny Owl Knits

Isn't that adorable?

Can't wait to see your heroes, if you want to find more blogs that join the blogging week google 3KCBWDAY3 and you'll find them. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. That's where the fawn-cho comes from!
    I just love your dog. Hope the fox survives. The little houses is a cute idea.

    1. He's a cuty huh, fortunately he's small so he can't reach to high places haha.

  2. oooh good choice of hero - I love tiny owl knits, I'm knitting the fawn-cho right now but replacing the fawn with some cabled owls. I love your little fox stole - it's gorgeous!!!

  3. Felted needle case, genius! I haven't knit any of her designs - so far. But a number of her designs are in my queue, just waiting to be knit up. And the hexipuff blanket, although that's almost the holy grail of knitting - to be aspired to, with a long journey on the way to it. I can't even imagine how long it takes to knit up all those hexipuffs.

    Oh and btw, you're my photography challenge nomination for yesterday's awesome picture :)

    1. Nice huh? Her patterns are so creative! The quilt is indeed a very long process but I still enjoy it! I do need some small projects on the side to keep me going though.

      Thank you for your nomination, :'-). Means a lot!

  4. Thanks for pointing out this wonderful designer
    Ana BC

  5. I didn't know "tiny owls knits", thank you very much for that discover :))) and I discovered your blog too, I love it !

  6. I agree, her patterns are among some of the most beautiful and imaginative I have ever come across. Although I have yet to actually knit one. I'm not sure that I could knit a little fox as a adorable as your though!

  7. Que lindo o cachecol.
    Um abraço.

  8. I must have a felted house for needles! I did not know, but after I have read your post, I cannot live without it!

  9. On one of your previous posts, I think the one with your lovely hooded cowl, I went off to discover more about this designer and her things are truly lovely! I also like the fact she's musical too.

    The fox stole is lovely, although I don't think my puppy would leave it alone!

    Lovely post again!

  10. I love tiny owl knits, too, and your post was so expressive! I've got to knit that fox stole one day.

  11. I had seen the fawn-cho before, but she's made so much adorable stuff! Also, that fox stole is fun!

  12. I love Tiny Owl Knits, she has the most adorable designs, full of whimsy! Somehow those needle rolls had passed me by though, I'm definitely going to have to check those out!

  13. I love Stephanie's designs, too. They are so filled with whimsy and her unique personality. Your fox stole is so charming and looks great with that outfit!

  14. I adore Stephanie's work too. I think being the wrong end of my 30s is what prevents me from making more of her patterns - I think I'll look rediculous in many of them but they are stunning and if I were in my 20s I'm sure I'd be dressing myself in much more whimsical knits.

    As always, you look gorgeous in your fox stole. I may have to make one just for around the house :)


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