Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Colour boost

I have been very absent here in blogland, I’ll try to catch up with all of your lovely posts that I wasn’t able to read yet.

I have been visiting my parents during Easter and it was heaven. We ate, we drunk, we watched some movies, we talked and we laughed.

I love how my parents really appreciate a good meal, they make the most gorgeous dishes and not just during Easter or other special occasions. They taught me to enjoy food, to value it. The word diet is strictly forbidden and although all the ingredients used are fresh and full of vitamins, there is always some cream, butter or oil in the mix. That is why I never worry (too much) about what I eat, as long as I cook with fresh ingredients and lots of veggies all will be fine.

My mom always makes sure a very very wide variety of ingredients is present on the table, veggies, fruit, nuts, fish, meat, you name it! She always says you should enjoy everything but in moderation. She is so right. I am very grateful of being able to enjoy food so much, since not everybody is really able to do so.

So, after this ode to food I should share some food with you:

This is a salty cupcake made with goats cheese and spinach and believe it or not, it was really yummy!  

But food was not the main attraction of the trip to my parents, we went sightseeing. Many tourists travel far to see the tulips in Holland and they are just in our backyard. I must say, they are truly beautiful.

A sea of yellow

And they smelled nice too! Yep, I beheaded Mr. L. Sorry honey :-P. 

But not so nice as these. Oh mighty purple, hyacinths! The smell was superb! 

Look at these, they are like flames! 

Don't you love it? I really like Holland on days like these. 

I hope your Easter was just as nice as mine. Knitting or crochet didn't happen, except for a little gift for a friend which I cannot share because she might see ;-). But I'll catch up soon with hexipuffs, a scarf and my doggy blanket!  


  1. Wow, wow wow, those pictures are amazing, that last one looks like a granny stripe blanket!

    We too enjoy food in my kids eat a huge variety of foods from different countries, not like some kids who screw their noses up at strange hubby's family also enjoy their food, so it makes it even more fun when we all get together as we don't shy away! I love cooking too, it's all part of the love! Your cupcakes look gorgeous.

    Thanks for your lovely inspiring post!

  2. I love the colour in your blog, I can just imagine smelling all the different pollen from the fields of flowers.

    I like your attitude towards food, and I am not one for 'dieting' as I enjoy my food far too much. I may not cook with fresh ingredients every night but I tend to stay away from meals that lack nutrition.

    Just happy to hear you are doing well :)


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