Monday, 23 April 2012

Knitting and Crochet blog week: Kick off! 3KCBWDAY1

Hello dear readers and hello to new visiters from blog week!

How nice of you to stop by. 

It has begun, prepare for a post every day here @ Creainthecity and at a lot of other blogs. I’m looking forward to the rest of the week, since the first topic is already a very exciting one:


Don’t we all love love love colour? It is the thing that makes a 100 projects all made by the same pattern different. Colour gives you the opportunity to adjust something to your taste, to spice something up or to tone something done.

Colour is one of the main things that attracted me to crochet guru Lucy of Attic24, it was here stunning work that made me steel the crochet hook from my mom’s sewing kit.

Source: Attic24

Rainbow colours in every project she makes, it looks so bright and happy.

But…totally not my style. So when I started crochet the colours I choose were mainly brown, beige, white, blue, green en purple. No yellow, no red, no orange. 

This is my granny stripe blanket:

Not quite as vibrant and gorgeous as the one Lucy made. Hers is just stunning! But a rainbow blanket like hers just doesn't fit my taste. I like it in the picture, but I wouldn't want it on my sofa. 

So I choose the more boring calm colours. This blanket was started long ago and it never got really finished. I liked the colours, but there was one thing that annoyed me. The order of the colours, the same pattern over and over. I figured that I liked a more random way of putting colours together. Like in my latest blanket:

 I like it when squares of a blanket can be connected all randomly (well, it looks random, but most of the times it involves hurting of the brain a bit). Still a lot of beige, green and blue. Not very adventures huh? 

I was never a bright colour person and sock yarn was very underestimated. I liked one colour items especially for wearable projects:

Again some blue used for my woodland hoodlet

And some purple for my Hopsalots

But then.....

Something changed me....

The beekeeper's quilt.

I spotted the original beekeeper's quilt on Ravelry and I was enchanted by it. 

Source: Tiny Owl Knits
I never saw colours used so well, so many vibrant colours and still the overall look was something that really appealed to me. So it was done, I started my own quilt:

With some fear in my eyes I started using yellow, red and bright pink. And you know what? I have fallen head over heels for sock yarn. I love the way it knits, how the colours pop totally random. 

So a side project next to my quilt was a scarf made of posh Malabrigo sock yarn: 

For me colour is a journey and I find it one of the hardest parts of knitting. Colour can make or break the end result. I still find lots of new colour combinations and get a lot of inspiration in nature, food, on blogs and of course on ravelry. 

What kind of colours do you like? Bright? Rainbow? Soft? Dark? And were do you find your inspiration?


  1. Sometimes my colour inspiration comes from visiting a yarn store and finding something new and daring.

    Great to find your blog!

    1. Yarn stores make me all greedy and I try buying things out of my comfort zone, it can indeed be an inspiration!

  2. The color you chose for your Woodland Hoodlet is *just* right, it suits you so well :-)

  3. Your colors aren't boring. I gravitate towards the purples and greens and blues too. I love your granny stripe. Very nice work.

  4. What a great start into this blog week! You've given so much thought to the topic and added wonderful pictures, I'm so glad I found your blog :)

  5. wow great first post for knitting and crochet blog week, i love the colours you knit with - the hooded scarf is beautiful. and your beekeepers quilt is gorgeous.

  6. Oooh, that latest blanket is such a gorgeous colour combination :) I love your combo for the granny stripe too - as much as I love looking at the bright rainbow ones, I much prefer yours for real life ;)

  7. I think your Granny Stripe combination is just as beautiful as Lucy's, though totally different. Colour is such a personal thing and, to my mind, the hardest part of crochet to get right. You do a great job.

  8. Love your colors, but can't get enough of your "latest blanket" over the white couch. Lovely!!! See you around in Blog Week...
    Ana BC

  9. I can tell you like more neutral colours, even though rainbow colours are amazing. I know you like your whites, greys and blues etc :) It's who you are! I think your own stripe blanket is as beautiful as a rainbow blanket :)

  10. I love your style and colour choices....and I think your stripe is just as gorgeous as Lucys. It's nice to try new colours and ideas sometimes though isn't it and sometimes we surprise ourselves with the results.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your week of posts!

  11. I absolutely LOVE the subdued palette you used in the beginning. If only these colours were available where we live, but alas I have to be content with totally crazy over the top palettes. The colourful quilt is stunning too.

  12. I love your beige, green and blue blanket, you've knit some lovely things! Thse bunny slippers are just fab!

  13. It's so interesting to see your 'colour journey' - I love your hexipuffs so much - the colours are beautiful.

    Looking forward to your other posts this week

  14. What a fabulous blog post, I've loved looking at your colour journey and all your gorgeous projects. Thanks for sharing, have a good week. Deb xxx

  15. Sock yarn is the BEST! I love trying it out on all types of projects, even sweaters. I love your blue, cream, grey blanket. So sweet and soothing. The bunny slippers are great!!

  16. Your latest blanket is gorgeous. Love the yellow and blue against the neutral blocks. The Beekeeper's quilt is such a great project to experiment with color.

  17. Great blogpost! I love all the muted colours- I'm a bright colours person myself but you've definitely shown me how calm more muted colours can be! The beekeepers quilt looks brilliant and those bunny slippers are adorable! Laura x

  18. 'Boring calm colours?'.....not at all! I think that they were the perfect colours for the job.

    I love a whole range of colours from pale to vibrant and it mostly depends on what I am creating (although I never go totally overboard on pastels). My inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere and sometimes you can find something that works when you least expect it. I think that's half the fun!

    Nice to meet you on Day 1!

    B x

  19. I love the second blanket...those calm, soothing colors...Don't get me wrong, Lucy is a genius with colors, but I don't tend to use such vibrant colors myself. I am, however, in love with sock yarn...

  20. I really like your colour choices, I love Lucys rainbows but her projects look equally amazing in other tones :-) Your bee keepers quilt is off to a great start, I just wouldn't have the patients for some many hexies!


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