Thursday, 5 April 2012


The pile is growing, I love making this little blanky so far! In fact, I am a bit sad that my stash is shrunk so much already. Soon the last bits of my thick creamy yarn will be knit. The blue is all done for and so is the yellowish green. Some brown is still left, but that's all! 

It was just to practice continental knitting, a little side project, but it has grown on me and now I'm very fond of it. My number of hexipuffs is suffering from it and so is my Malabrigo scarf. I should return to those soon since they call me, I hear them screaming: "knit me, knit me!"

It wil be finished soon, this blanket won't be very big since I only use some leftover skeins. I think it will just be sufficient for a tiny dog blanket, a welcome thing since his current blanket is turning more and more smudgy (nope, washing doesn't help either) by the day. 

I tried taking the blanket off the sofa, but that wasn't a very smart idea. This dog wants needs his blanket, he even started squealing until I put it back were it belonged (that is, according to the dog). 

I think he would be pretty pleased with the new blanket. It is more dense and soft. The colors are much more sophisticated, although I don't think Puck will care about that part. 

Although one part of me really wants to take out more colors and make this a real big blanket in which I can snuggle. It has been much colder lately. Bring out the blankets! 

I've been craving these past days. Craving for baked goodness. This little cupcake looks a bit funky with the  candied lemon peels on top of the mascarpone, but it was superb! Sweet with the whiff of sour and the softness of creamy Italian delight. 

And are you familiar with these little sweeties? The're a Dutch dish called "Poffertjes", the're basicly mini pancakes made in this special pan. 

Just with a little icing sugar and butter...what a bless! 

I hope to speak to you all soon, I have been a bit absent this week. I'm so sorry. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a lovely Easter weekend!!!!


  1. I love your squares, they really are growing into a wonderful pile! No wonder you are sad to be running out of wool.
    Your dog is so sweet, all he want is to be cozy within wool!!!
    Wow, those poffertjes look amazing!! I've never heard of them before but they look truly delicious!!

  2. aww look at that cosy comfy doggy. your cupcakes and mini pancakes look gorgeous and yummy.


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