Friday, 15 June 2012

FO Friday - ❤ Knitted Armcandy ❤

I didn't expect to have something to join the fun the Finished Object Friday link party at Tami's Amis, but I made a project that was faster than light and much brighter too! 

Without further ado I present to you: 

 ❤ Knitted Armcandy 

Isn't that adorable? 

I attached a little gold button I still had lying around somewhere.

I love it for many reasons:

 This bracelet feels soft to the skin. Who doesn't love softness?

 It is such an easy and quick pattern, a perfect project for beginners or knitters that just want to have a quick finished project in between bigger projects. 

 The colour is to die for, this bright neon pinkish colour. I'm a big fan of neon and bright colours right now; you can find it in every store and makes me so very happy! 

 Neon colours make your skin look more sun kissed, which I need big time right now since all I have been wearing is rubber boots.  

 Here is a picture in which the colour looks most like it does in 'real life'. Furry friend was so kind to strike a pose playing dead. 

If you are drooling over this project like I was when I first spotted it, here are all the details:

Yarn: Nova by Wibra - 100% cotton
Needle size: 3.5 mm

Pattern modifications:
Not much, I just made the two strips much shorter by repeating the pattern 5 times instead of 16 times. I didn't wash the strips, I just steamed them with my iron to make them flat before braiding. 

Don't be afraid of the braiding, you just knit two strips with little holes in them and you braid them when you are done! So it is very easy. 

Check out Tami's for more Finished Objects :-). 



  1. I think I'm drooling over your nails instead. They are fantastic. I love that colour!

    1. Thank you! It was a gift from my mom. It is by L'oreal and the colour is French Riviera 601.

  2. Gorgeous, a little bit of yarny goodness to go with any outfit.

  3. Fab! And I love the "dead dog" pose too! :)

  4. So lovely - I love patterns like that. So simple and so effective. Beautiful!

  5. Soo lovely! And your dog is such a cutie! :)

  6. Lovely idea, the armcandy. I'm sure the girls (in school) would love to make one.

  7. Nice bracelet! Love the color, so brillant.

  8. what a lush project & I agree the colour is awesome!

  9. I love that color, it is one of my favorites as well. Great little project! It would be great for showing off handspun.

  10. wow! I love it! I just looked at the pattern and I think I can do it, I'm going to try next week :)

  11. I nominated you for a sunshine award on my blog!

  12. Great bracelet. I love the color! I love quick knit when i'm on holiday ( weight restrictions when you travel..)
    Have a nice week end ;)

  13. Hello. I have chosen your blog for the SUNSHINE AWARD. You can find more about it in my blog: .
    [If you don't wish to receive this award, no worries. I just wanted to mention your blog, because I think it is worth visiting].
    Love your blog ♥ Ana BC

  14. I lovelovelove this idea, so on trend in neon too ... I'm thinking xmas presies for my sis and step-sis!! Where did you get your neon wool from? x

  15. Its very cute, and a lovely idea for christmas presents. Thanks for sharing! Cheers.

  16. I just had a look at the pattern link - and am loving it as a braided necklace. Will definitely do one. I'm very attracted to short and sweet projects at the moment. I also had a look see at Olga's other patterns - some of the jacket/cardigans patterns are lovely. Thanks once again for sharing! Cheers.


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