Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WIP Wednesday - Peacock scarf

I'm finally participating again with the fun of WIP-Wednesday. My project for this week is one that I have been working on for a loooong long time now. I put it in a basket and the thing that got me to get it on the needle again was this beautiful peacock that I made at the petting zoo a while ago. We were very lucky that it stroke a pose for us so I could take this stunning picture. 

The project I'm talking about is this one:

Peacock scarf

By far not as bold and colourful as the peacock, but still so gorgeous and soft. 

It's almost done, I only have to weave in some ends and block one part and then it's done!!!

Next to this project I made a little bow for my furry friend:

I made it to support the national soccer team that will be playing tonight in the European championship. If they don't win, they'll be eliminated! 

If you want to make one for your dog check out this pattern, it's not the same as mine but very similar. I just improvised mine and I was too lazy to write down notes. 

I put a little piece of elastic on the back to attach it to my dogs collar. 

Check out Tami's for some stunning projects! 


  1. Muito chic, lindo.

  2. Oh Oh Oh!
    You know I love that :-)

  3. Aww the dog's little bow tie is so cute, and the scarf is awesome too, I love the color

  4. Wow that picture is fantastic. The scarf is really pretty too.

  5. That photo is just fabulous.

  6. I love how Malabrigo Lace, it is so yummy, but that colourway knocks my socks off. It works brilliantly in this pattern. I've faved it as I think it would be perfect for one of my stash skeins.

    1. The name for that scarf is certainly very fitting, I can definitely see the peacock in it. It looks great on you, wear it proudly!

  7. I'm knitting a lace scarf in exactly the same colorway of Malabrigo sock, and it's so exciting to see yours turning out so well. Thanks for the inspiration! Also, your dog is ridiculously cute!

  8. Just dropping in to tell you I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Because your blog makes me happy ♥
    I admit that sometimes I kind of feel like these awards are like chain letters, and I don't know whether you have gotten it already or if you'll do a post or not, but it is a good opportunity for me to tell a fellow blogger that I love her blog. Perhaps not an avid commenter, but I do read. ;)

  9. Awwwwww I have missed your blog. Love the pictures and the colour of your scarf is lovely.
    Loving lil furry friends bow tie to.
    Thanks for popping by my blog today. This learning to knit business is complicated and slower than crochet but I'm liking the stitch it produces. Thanks for the offer of help in sure I shall use that real soon! :)

  10. O.M.G. I need to knit my little fury boy a bow tie. We already call him Mr. Handsome, because he looks like he's wearing a tuxedo. The bow tie would complete his ensemble.

  11. What a lovely scarf and in Malabrigo! I think every dog should wear a bow tie!

  12. I love the peacock colour, and you made such a good decision in using that sock wool for a scarf instead of socks that would be hidden away from everyone! I think I might make a pretty scarf for the winter :)


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