Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WIP Wearable Wednesday

For me yarn started off as a hobby, something to make things like blankets, tea cozies, little crochet amigurumi but not wearable projects. 

I thought a knitted sweater was outdated, old fashion and not flattering at all. But the more I got into knitting, the more I started to appreciate a handmade garment. I finally realized that a handmade item can be both a joy to make as well as a to wear. There is nothing better than to choose your own colours, the perfect pattern and the perfect material. 

Lately when browsing the Ravelry pattern page (which I try to as little as I can, since I tend to forget time completely), I notice that I eyeball mostly sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. 

So when my sister in law graduated I knew I had to make her something wearable. 

You can probably guess what it is right? A little hat! 

You knit this project inside out, so from this side it looks like a normal rib pattern. But from the inside in looks like this:

Little bumps made by a broken rib pattern (which is knitting one row and k1, p1 on the next assuming that you would also work inside out). 

The yarn is some old yarn from a local chain store Wibra (probably only know by the Dutch) which is perfect for this little project. I enjoy making this project so much, I know there will follow many more hats!

The pattern for this hat is a free pattern called Graham by Jennifer Adams and so far I enjoy knitting this pattern. The hardest part will now start, neatly decrease the stitches and closing it up. I hope to present the end result on Friday :-). 

Check out Tami's Amis for some more WIP's and I hope to see you all on Friday!


PS: Sorry for the bad picture quality, I took them with my phone. 


  1. so pretty, the yarn is the most beautiful subtle rainbow of colour - your sister-in-law is very lucky :o)

  2. Such a pretty little hat it is too! She is going to love this! Also the yarn is really interesting, it almost looks like handspun.

  3. Beautiful!
    Personally, I don't know how you avoid the pattern page; I go there all the time to see what's new, to see what I can make with less than 300 yards of cotton, to see what's free, and... hmm... yeah I can go hang out on there for hours. Maybe you're doing the smart thing!

  4. Love the yarn, so pretty and works so well with the pattern, what a nice looking stitch detail. I'm sure your sister in law will love it.

    I started out crocheting all the time, but I am getting drawn into more and more knitted stuff, I have to say I find it a lot slower, but I love what can be produced. I definitely have a jumper in me in the next few months ready for the autumn maybe.

  5. Gorgeous yarn colours. I bet your sister loves it!

  6. that yarn is gorgeous such beautiful colours. I can't wait to see it done.

  7. This is looking lovely, I like the mixture of colours that you have! hope you decrease the stitches successfully :)

  8. The delicateness of your yarn really shines through in this pattern. Don't fret ... you'll do great with your decreases!

  9. great pics, and groovy hat. I've started a hat binge too!! they are just so nice and quick to knit, haven't made one for myself yet though :(

  10. Nice hat! I'd love to see it finished on Friday.

  11. How pretty! I've had that pattern queued for a while, I will definitely try it!
    Ooh, here in Belgium we have Wibra too ;-)


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